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Breatharian Starship Marigold

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posted on May, 10 2003 @ 01:01 AM
The link to their site is posted at the bottom of this article. They belive that a person can live on air alone.
Saves on going to the grocery store.


Date: Feb 9, 2003

From: Starship Marigold-City of Lights, which hovers high above the North American continent.

To: The people of Earth.

The day rapidly approaches when the entire intergalactic fleet will gather our starships before your very eyes. On that auspicious day, star council coordinators will join Earth’s delegates in a precedent-setting session upon the command ship. (It may surprise you to learn that humans who have achieved spiritual master status have always acted as your intermediaries with the greater galactic community.) As the meeting convenes, the galactic contract-the requirements for humans to resume their rightful places as full cosmic citizens-will be stated for all Earth’s governments and all Earth’s people to clearly understand and agree to.

People who rule your most powerful nations and institutions have, for many years, been quite aware of our presence. Also, they have been apprised of all contractual stipulations for planetary ascension and for integrating awakened humanity into the star councils.

All committed starseeds are directed to focus energy up Earth’s principal energy grids, such as the pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Mayan and Aztec pyramids, Ayer’s Rock, and the Bermuda and Lemurian triangles. The information that flows from their creative minds originates primarily the United States, the British Isles, Western Europe, and Australia. Communiqués between the brotherhoods of light (including the Intergalactic Brotherhood) and the Spiritual Hierarchy are already in effect with cooperative humans who stay in telepathic contact with the star councils. Star-to-Earth communiqués ring clear when processed through the minds of humans who live in nations where a certain, albeit extremely limited, tolerance for “paranormal” artistic expression is permitted. Rigidly constructed religious, economic, political, and military systems in vogue even in supposedly free countries can be intimidating to the psychically gifted.

We suggest that anyone who considers it a moral obligation to interfere with people dedicated to manifesting unconditional Love-Light observe the skies before under taking any unkind act. All awakening starseeds (human or otherwise) are constantly monitored by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the brotherhoods of light. Be aware that everything you even consider doing that could violate another’s free will is a major transgression of Universal Law.

Earth ark is about to dock in a perpetual Garden of Eden-like beauty. Harmonious existence will be the norm in the era of the new dawn. Delightful life and rapturous Love will be the common experience of all beings who choose to remain Soul-connected to majestically evolved Earth. (Continue on page 2)

Scan the skies for the return of the Dove. It carries in Its beak a sprig of celestial holly-a branch of hope, peace and Love-principal gifts to your forlorn world. Rejoice! Your anguish and pain are softly fading.

Children of Earth, never forget that you are cherished, protected, and dearly loved by your family from the stars.

All it takes to communicate with us is an open and quiet mind. The telepathic process requires that you be willing to intimately integrate your ego personality with other minds. To begin, you must be constantly alert to and honor the resonating presence of your guides, for they stand ready to teach, assist, and counsel you.

Even a slight understanding as to who we are and why have surrounded Earth with our starships will help to lessen the fear that threatens to strain humans’ fragile stability. It certainly is not our intention to set anyone’s heart palpitating in alarm.

To soften the shocking aspect of a sky filled with UFOs, we would have you welcome this event long before it occurs. This will settle you more quickly into what is, after all, only the norm. To extend your comfort zone prior to that awesome day, we recommend you make it a habit to closely watch the daytime for unusual cloud formations and the nighttime sky for brilliant flashes of green-red-gold-blue sparkles that twinkle in front of the stars. We also suggest you become familiar with and scrutinized all available date on the kinds of extraterrestrials who are in Earth residence.

Fear not those who come to you in Love-Light, for it is their intent to manifest peace and Universal Law.

Wiley Brooks

Intergalactic Counselor-Teacher on Earth assignment

Starship Marigold - City of Lights

P.S. Meetings are being scheduled for near future.

posted on May, 10 2003 @ 01:27 PM
So, what is this about the "Starship Marigold" Does Wiley ever say anything about when the "Starship Fleet" will come to Earth? It said they would come and make a council and make the Earth loving and caring again. That is what I saw in that story. Checked the website but it doesn't give any dates, cool site though, good find

posted on May, 10 2003 @ 01:43 PM
I better not miss the matrix because of this!

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