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The Economics of Doing Nothing.

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posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 10:11 AM
The Economics of Doing Nothing.

We've discovered the wealth of oil,
No man now needs to toil,
Sell it & distribute the funds with joy,
Praise Allah, poverty foiled.

Our science & tech now automates on our soil,
Robots work as we in idleness loll,
3d printers provide all, online info boils,
Thank God, poverty foiled.


Who will work when all are unneeded & rich?
Who will look after kids and teach?
Who will organise, legislate and lead?
Who will maintain, programme and repair bots glitch?

Redolent, indulgent, bursting at the seams,
we mankind will only regress and no longer dream,
when we're spoilt to progress beyond current means,
Evolution lost, stagnation begins.

Such...are the economics of doing nothing...

Path of evolution never ends but untiringly proceeds,
Today's discoveries only become tomorrow's relic,
As new insights propels us to further greater deeds,
in economic, social and politics.

Thus, never be mislead,
by demogogues whom uses the poor to preach,
of ending poverty but not growing economics,
inflation, regression & dependence the only targets reached.


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