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(HSSC2) Furies

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 01:48 PM
“It came from the stars.”

“What came from the stars.”

“It came from the night.”

“What came from the night.”

“It came for me, and it scared me.”

“What scared you?”

“It knows my secrets.”

“What knows your secrets?”

The 1995 file of James Wesmore was played over and over again. There was a box full of tapes full of the same dialogue. All the psychologists could get out of him was that he was really scared after his ordeal.

Halloween of 1995 James went missing after a party, and didn’t show up until a year later where he was babbling the same things over and over that had been recorded in that box that was full of tapes. The only thing that ever stopped his moans and babbles was his death in 1999 in his padded cell. The emaciated man died at age 26 with no family or friends, at least that could be found.

“Don’t let it get me.”

“Don’t let what get you?”

“Oh god, its in the room!”

“There is nothing in the room.”

“It’s coming for me. God help me.”

At that moment there was a rustling Margaret Thatcher’s chair was flung across the room and she had to be dealt with and sedated.

Margaret Thatcher was also abducted for a year in 1996 and was found wandering the streets screaming “Don’t let it get me”. What she was talking about, nobody knows.

These two cases of abduction were interesting, and the only thing that connected the two was the fact that each person went missing the night of Halloween and were found a year later. James Goldwyn had no idea that something was going to happen to him that night that would affect his life forever.

James had been preparing his Halloween costume all week for the big costume party. Even though Dracula isn’t a particularly hard costume to make he wanted everything to be perfect for the party in which Bella, a woman James had been interested in for a while, was going to be.

Newspaper clippings littered the entire apartment; they each held a special significance to him. The clippings swirled in the air and James looked back at the window that had managed to open itself. The window was closed and the cyclone of newspapers settled down to rest as James closed the door and left for the party.

Most of the costumes at the party were corny and poorly planned, but it was all in good fun and no one seemed to care. Bella, the host of the party, was at the refreshments table serving people. When James approached, he asked if Bella would like to take a walk together.

The entire street was quiet, not a breeze disturbed the leaves and not a cloud hindered the view of the moon. Suddenly the wind picked up and the rustling of leaves combined with a shriek coming somewhere close by scared Bella into running back to the house and the safety of company and party.

James however did not follow her, he was literally paralyzed with fear and a loud grumbling was heard directly behind him. The grumble turned into a hiss that pierced the ears, James wanted to run, but found he couldn’t, in fact the one thing wanted least was to face the creature that howled a thousand howls. But he did turn around, not on purpose though; something slimy touched his shoulder that slowly turned him around. He met eyes that were red and that softly glowed in the dark night. The stench of the creature was not held back even in the forty mile an hour winds that would later be described as a freak tornado.

The creature that held James stood at least seven feet tall and had a large pair of wings that lifted James and the creature off the ground. Even in the high winds their direction was steady and Bella would not recall what had happened to James that night.

James woke up expecting it all to be a dream and to be returned to his apartment. He tried to stand up, but found he had trouble moving his legs. He tried to use his arms but found them tightly wound to his body. He fell over onto a padded floor. A woman rushed in and helped him back onto his bed. He got a quick glance at the nurse’s eyes and could have sworn they glowed red for just a brief second then she left the room again.

As the nurse left, the door was left with a small crack in it, enough for him to hear two men talking to each other.

“They found him just the other day, he disappeared for about a year. When he went missing they searched his apartment, found all sorts of sick souvenirs and newspaper clippings of his victims.”

“So where has he been all this time?”

“They have no idea, but they think he killed over eighteen people and was getting ready to kill another, but get this, a freak tornado scared her back into the house and then he disappeared.”

About this time the nurse came back in and closed the door completely cutting off the conversation between the two policemen guarding the door. The nurse handed James a note that he read after she left.

For all those who sin
And avoid Justice’s end
The job is left to us
Furies who punish you thus.

The nurse left and was never seen again, and James was left to ponder his sins.


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