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Religious Beliefs/Political Leanings

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 08:02 AM
I was just listening to the radio, and there was a conversation with a 71 year old American gentleman (who's name I missed through late arrival) representing Christians who were voting Republican.

The interview spoke of how both candidates have publicly and purposefully proclaimed their faith. Of how before the last election Bush declared he was 'a sinner saved through prayer' and that in this election Kerry has gone on record as stating that his second date with his wife was at a church.

The talk was of religions role, or should I say increasingly prominent role, in elections since the 1960's especially 1970's (apparently due to the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion in 1973 and then further still when in 1979 the Moral Mojority was founded) when, at least it appeared through the radio interview, the Christian vote started to be mobilised as almost a block vote. The congregation being... preached to (for want of a better word) from the pulpit as to which party they might vote for rather than the man.

To sum it up, at the end of the interview the elderly gentleman said that he hoped that in future there would be a choice between who would be the best man for the job rather than the choice being dictated by the parties (policies) being light or dark. (I realise that this does sound rather extreme).

Anyway, (apologies for rambling) despite my personal confusion over the House of Representatives being there for just such a reason; the point that was of interest to me, coming from the UK with it's secular outlook regarding such matters, was:

    How many American members of ATS are voting along the lines that their respected religions dictate, and how many are voting in a way that might be considered contrary to what the public face of their faith might wish? And, if it not too personal a question, the why's and wherefore's of their reasoning.

By "Why's and wherefore's" I am not looking for justification, I am not starting this thread off with a view of any person getting flamed for the rights or wrongs of their attitude/belief as regards this subject. It is just a something that would be of interest.


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