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The Corpse Reanimator [LOWWC] (Book im writing)

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:27 AM
Here I lie in my realm of peace and meditation, or so I keep telling myself that. This place of poetic justice taunts me every time I look into her eyes. She the maiden of my mental lust, even now I can hear her calling to me. This place is demented, the grass is blood red and growing wildly, the surrounding trees groan with wooden talons clawing to the sky. This smell, it could be described as rancid meat with a sweet scent, it permeates everywhere. Even the clouds above move at an unnatural speed, as if some monstrous being is casting great breath. This place is extremely disturbing, even the hacking of a pregnant woman can’t compare to the despair emanating from this place. And then, there she is, descending from the sky mocking me. “Elsinador my love, longing for such the time I lived?” I let out a sigh, this dream reoccurs every night. “Yes my love, I miss you dearly, yet as time passes and I grow older, you seem to never age”.
“Tis this place , I will remain here…forever” she said, with the look of sadness on her face. “Why do I keep dreaming of you, you died long ago” Elsinador said with longing in his voice. “Your love will never die, you will never forget…” she said casting her glance to the ground. She truly was beautiful, with sharp smooth features and long flowing black hair. Her breasts are large and firm, the curves enough to drive any man to suicide. She is always wearing a silk white dress, crafted by some skilled tailor. Yet as time passes slowly here , and my love is within grasp, I can’t help but feel depression weighing me down like gravity. Some things, magic can’t change. “You can save her… I can show you how…”
This voice…I have never heard before. In this realm of constant repetition, nothing has changed, ever. “Follow me, I know the secrets to life…” “Who is this?” I said with uncertainty. “I go by many names, but my lessons are all the same. I am the dark. Do my bidding and your dead will live again…”
The booming sound of the voice rang out clear in all directions, The sky began to crumble, with blotches of blood spewing from the clouds, Moans and cries from thousands of voices unleash into his ears. Faces of torment immerge into full crippled bodies reaching out. “Slay the retch..” “Come to the darkness..” “Taste the corruption” the voices growing in number grew in physical form. Pulling her free from the air, tearing her silk dress, demented twisted smiles open mouths ajar to thrust into her flesh. Her scream echoed through the landscape, Elsinador’s face cringed in horror. The demons laugh could be heard through the feasting as clear as a church bell.
“Now do what u must…”

Elsinador woke in a cold sweat. His hands gripping the sides of the bed, his eyes shift from right to left before relaxing into the bed, This dream this time was to vivid to comprehend. Lazily he lied there, thinking of what just happened. Time and time again in his dreams, the demons rip his only love apart. He still couldn’t understand why this reoccurs every night, Maybe he wasn’t praying to Lonsyth God of the west kingdoms enough. Stories of men who neglect the gods have reached as far as the northern isle. Legends of men caste from civilization, changed into terrible beasts of burden. Never to be told of again, a rare site among unwelcome travellers with few spared. Is this a sign from the gods? Am I not a good enough mentor for mages of Trall Main? Still whatever this means, it can’t be fortunate.

“Get out of bed” the voice growled.

Elsinador froze horrified. Was this voice truly real? “go to your desk” the voice demanded. A churning knot welled up in his stomach. After several minutes of silence, he got the courage to lift the sheets and get out of bed. Step after step he cautiously moved towards the desk. To his confusion there laid a book. Gingerly he scanned the surface, It was a leather bound book with engravings of a cross inlaid with a hook shape, representing some god or deity. With his frail hands he lifted the book into full view to examine it. It was black and had a coarse surface almost like the surface of a wall. When opened, the book revealed scriptures of a long dead language, barely translatable. The pages were made of something peculiar, he leaned in closely to examine it only to be disgusted by the result, human skin. Pictures portraying a ritual of some sort filled both sides of the pages. The contents of the book wasn’t what unnerved him the most, it was the presence of evil emanating from the relic. Such relics like this can only be found in long dead tombs of forgotten entities. “ This is my gift to you, you will practice these teachings if u wish to resurrect life.”

“but why have you chosen me…” Elsinador said to the empty room,” You have nothing to gain from me…I am just a mentor for a mage academy” The room was silent once again. “ you long for lost love, which is why I have chosen you, we can work together.” the voice rang out. “Listen closely to the words I will say. Read of the first ritual, then only will I lead you down the path to saving your wife.” Elsinador scrolled through the thick book with his thumb, gruesome depictions flashed page after page, this is madness he thought to himself. Suddenly the door to his chamber opened up.

“Mentor Elsinador, you have a request from the headmaster.” Taken completely by surprise Elsinador closed the book and hid it behind his back. “is everything all right Mentor?” the young apprentice said with concern. “Yes everything is of order, just reading from my old spell book that is all” Hiding his obvious nervousness, a quick glance and a smile assured his comment was valid. “It’s about the new mages The headmaster wishes to discuss with you, please prepare yourself we must depart.” Finished his task the Apprentice closed the door.

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:28 AM
Elsinador sank to the floor, tears flooded from his eyes. All he wanted in life was to be happy and practice magic, The balance of the land woven by spells at his will but now, It seems the land has woven him to its will. Regret of the disease that took Falisa his wife, holding his happiness behind. Dreary eyed, he rose from the floor and put on his mentors robe, a blue silk robe worn by respected mages. Giving a glace around at his accomplishments, The domain he lived in is moderate class for the people of Bloodrath. The roof is engraved with many runes to ward off evil, not that it’s working. Each rune glowed a faint blue, signifying its potency. Whatever this voice is, these runes weren’t made to ward it off. The walls were coarse and white, most buildings in Trall Main used this architecture on the inside. After grabbing his regular spell book, preparations were complete. He exited his dorm to find the apprentice standing to the left. “All is in order?” the apprentice said to Elsinador. “Yes I am ready, we must see the headmaster at once.” They move down the hall towards the headmaster’s officer. The hall was decked out with paintings of past great spell casters and spell blades. History in the making, as empty paintings sat on the right side of the wall waiting for the next great evokers. The carpet along the hall was long and red. Passing door after door voices could be faintly heard, mages in the process of routine spell casting.

Though anywhere else in Bloodrath, the interior would be lit by lanterns, in the academy the halls were lit by glowing blue balls of fire to the right and left. Their unnatural glow gave off comforting warmth, like the cold wind on a blazing day. As they approached the headmasters office, unknown voices where herd from inside. Elsinador waited for the apprentice to open the door, when they entered the headmaster glanced at him as well as 4 other men he has never seen. But judging by their lack of magic aura, these must be the new mages.

“Ah this is the man I wanted you to meet, his one of the best mentors here at the academy.” The headmaster said with acknowledgment. Each man gave a curt nod to the mentor, aware of the power emanating from the old man. “He will be your guide for this semester, pay heed he is not an easy man to please, only one of you will become his apprentice the others may try again for the academy next year. Now I really must be going, as there is a water elemental loose in the courtyard again.” The headmaster didn’t wait for a reply, and exited the door. A ruthless silence stiffened the air, only to be released by a water bolt striking the window. Every man jumped except Elsinador. “so which one of you thinks you possess the ability to follow in my teachings?” Elsinador said glancing from mage to mage.

Each man was different in height and build, but all lacking in the magic ability to even cast a flame storm spell. They all sheepishly look to each other for a response, but as the heads move back and forth, clearly not one was visible to confront first. Elsinador singled out the man to the left, his hair was blond with brown eyes, and his stubble on his face told of days without a clean shave. “you, I’d like you to deflect the oncoming attack I will perform.”

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:30 AM
Surprised by being singled out, he moved up with uncertainty. “ control the energies around you, they are all and everything that bind us to this realm of unreality, utilize this energy to coat your body with a shield of arcane magic.” Elsinador said to the young mage. He looked confused at first as if not knowing how to react. “very well if you cannot create a shield, this may hurt a bit.” Drawing the power from the room, the icy prickle of the elements tickled his senses as it flowed threw his body, in his mind’s eye he pictured a shard of ice, Harnessing that image, his fingers began to freeze. Moving the energy to his finger tips he lifted his hand and launched an ice bolt at the mage.

Taken by the blow the mage flew across the room smashing into a book shelf, hundreds of books rattle and fall, only to be caught by an invisible force. The eyes of Elsinador blazed a fiery blue. Flowing with arcane energy, the room felt colder. “Most magic is instinct, if you wish to learn the secrets you must be in connection with everything around you, living or not.” And with that, the books were placed back into the shelf. Shaken and rattled, the mage made an effort to get on his two feet. “your lessons will begin tomorrow, as of now I must attend to my studies your dorms will be located in the south wing, this apprentice will show you where.” He said to everyone in the room.

The apprentice jumped at being mentioned, glancing at the struck mage then back at the mentor, he hopped to his task. “ If you four would follow me, I will show you to your quarters.” The apprentice said waving his arms towards the door, every man walked out except Elsinador. Standing in the middle of the room, he pondered. What this day might else have in store.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:46 AM
Elsinador sat cross legged on the floor in his room; using white powder from a sac he sprinkled on the floor to form a pentagram. Candles spread out along the 5 points gave a faint glow as he silently chanted a mantra. In meditation visions of a town under siege blurred the real world, Smoke and burning buildings torched by some army. Screams and cries of terrorized citizens ran about the atmosphere in chaos. As his essence loomed over the dismay the streets could be seen in full view. Crumbling from massive blows, bodies laid ridden in almost comical positions, Blood caked and swarming with flies most of the streets were smeared with what used to be life. Knights in full plate wearing black capes with the black dragoon symbol rushed through the death and decay, only to be picked up and tossed by some monstrous fleshy creature. Its large 4 arms hammered down crushing the resistance, only adding to the casualties. As Elsinador essence got closer to the creature he notably noticed the stench and detail of the creature. Its head was not one 1 head, but seemed to be merged with several human heads. Its limbs and torso sowed and merged with human excrement. The creatures head craned towards Elsinador and opened its mangled mouth. “The darkness is waiting…” it wheezed in low breath.

Elsinador opened his eyes to see he was still in his room. Contemplating the vision he just witnessed he spent many moments letting the prophetic information seep in. After a few minutes he rose and walked over to the book given to him by the voice. Looking over his shoulder to make sure no one was spying, he lifted the book off the desk and opened to the first page. The words at the top were usually the name of the ritual or spell in most magic books. “mhalk dal ohusto domak” he read from the page, This dialect is Alcaiec from the lost civilization of supreme sorcerers. The where bouts of these people is unknown as they vanished from Bloodrath. The translation of this verse is “Enslave death” though the use or effect of this ritual was not written, only the steps of the ritual were drawn. A picture of a spell circle, meant to be placed on the ground, and a body laid in the middle. A man with a knife piercing the body and severing the pieces were depicted. Whatever the outcome of this ritual it involved great evil actions. Elsinador began to think nervously to himself.

Is this what the voice wants me to do? To perform this gruesome ritual? I can’t go about this, this isn’t humane. If the gods were to see me perform this ritual, I would be cast out from existence, Surly there must be another way. “You must perform this ritual” the voice hissed. Sweat dripped instantly from Elsinadors brow. Ohh gods not it again. Elsinador caste a quick glance to every direction in the room, no sign of anything out of the ordinary. “Perform the ritual or I will boil your blood and sear the skin from your flesh” the voice commended. A rising temperature in the room made Elsinador skin perspire more than his fears stench. A sudden weight on his legs forced him to his knees. Open wounds developed in his hands as he watched horrified, blood spewed in a constant sickening stream from the gashes. “You will obey” the voice ordered. As the blood pooled around him, skeletal faces began to form in his blood, opening and closing their mouths, seeming to be gasping for air. Shocked and terrified Elsinador closed his eyes and screamed “ I will! I will! Just stop this!” and in an instant he was released from the powerful force on his limbs. When he opened his eyes the blood and gashes were gone. “ You have until tomorrows moonlight to perform the ritual fail me and your life will be mine” The voice slithered from oblivion. Blinking furiously Elsinador shook uncontrollably as he lifted himself from the floor. Griping the side of his bed for support he stumbled onto the padding then collapsed on the bed. Taking deep breaths Elsinador waited for assurance that the voice wouldn’t assault him again, Nothing happened. His age was beginning to show on him, completely exhausted he laid on his bed resting. Alarmed that his book was on the ground he got up and slide the book under the bed. Finally able to rest easy, he laid back down on the bed and relaxed his tense body. The runes still glowing blue were all that kept his sanity, He must perform murder or be murdered. To take a life or have his life taken away. Even the effects of this ritual are not completely understood to him, this magic is unlike anything the academy or he has dealt with. This is ancient magic, and anything like this if known would have been banned from the academy. Tomorrow he must begin training those helpless mages, It might be years before they can even caste the simplest of spells. Uneasy about this prophesy he foresaw Elsinador closed his eyes and tried to sleep. “only these upcoming events may reveal the fate of the land” Elsinador said to himself more than anyone else and dozed off.

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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:48 AM
“Elsinador my love remember when we first met” Falisa said staring into his eyes. It was dark and they were in their home town of Mangrok south of Cyoncolipse. The stars were in full bloom twinkling like rain on a lake, Elsinador was young just beginning to sense the universe. He was admitted into the mages academy for mages and wizards just a few days ago. “yes I remember Falisa, it was no more than 5 summers ago.” Elsinador said with a careful gaze. “times like this is what we should truly cherish, the time we have together.” Falisa purred to Elsinador. They were sitting on the wooden porch of their house gazing at the illuminated night sky, Their house was simple; it was one story made of white birch wood, the door was made from an oak tree harvested from the nearby forest. The windows were made from blow glass as well as the ornaments that swarmed the front of the house, sculptures of elves, trolls and goblins. These were common around town, as people grew bored and crafted figurines of creatures from the nearby woods. “Where will life bring us? Word of war spreads across the barren plains. Even our Nabors are worried of its infectious chaos, seems every town would jump at the thought of fighting each other.” Falisa pouted, Seeing her in this mood brought Elsinadors happiness down with it. “Maybe they will head southward toward the Orical seas, either way we shouldn’t be worried War always happens and war always ends, except if you’re a rock troll.” Elsinador gave a chuckle, his movement made Falisa’s hair dance as it swung freely. Her smell was radiant, like a peach orchard. Elsinador slide his hand down her arm, smooth as jade stone and soft as the finest fabric. No longer able to contain his lust he tilted his head and began kissing her neck. A slight moan of approval escaped her lips as he lifted her strap off. Overcome with pleasure her moans were louder. The porch was hard wood but Elsinador didn’t care, they both laid on the hard wood in the cool night. Elsinador removed her undergarments and his robe as lust rank with a sour odor. “ohh…Els…els..”Falisa uttered through trembling lips. “wha..what Falisa.” Elsinador said. “we should go inside.” She said trying to resist temptation. “I guess your right my love”. He said stroking her cheek. “let’s go in before we catch a chill.” Falisa said under her breath. Picking up their garments, Elsinador opened the door for both of them. The wooden porch creaked as their feet scattered inside. Murmuring could be heard beyond the door. The night was calm with sound of nature in darkness flowing all around, the sound of crickets and summer frogs ringing out in unknown directions. “Times like this we should truly cherish.” The voice slithered.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:53 AM
Not wanting to wake up from the first decent dream, Elsinador refused to open his eyes. The room was bright with the morning sun penetrating the thin glass. Elsinadors gray beard was illuminated like golden tendrils from the bright rays. Squinting from the shine, Elsinador made an effort to awaken. He tilted onto his side with his eyes closed, he focused raw magic and in his mind’s eye the academy blared into view. It was a large structure, about 200 meters long with a multitude of monstrous towers and chambers. The large wooden door was an orange tint as well as the normal white paint on the walls. The entire structure was made of wood and stone, The walls were made of oak painted white. It was a marvel of modern craftsmanship, The jagged rock corners were so neatly cut, that the fact man cut raw stone with saws wasn’t apparent. The roof was the same as other academy roofs, strips of black wood

laid out the triangle shaped roof. Black wood is vary resistant to rain and lasts much longer than normal wood would. From time to time the golden dawn illuminating the surroundings tug at Elsinadors heart . And yet some pleasantries can’t overcome the grim reality, He must perform this ritual today and the thought of human sacrifice sickened him. He wretched himself of his sheets and climbed out of bed . “ So many tasks for today, so little time” the words echoing from Elsinadors lips.

After he was fully dressed his bony body Elsinador opened his door and departed to the main chambers. The academy was huge, almost as big as the kings castle. Truly the people of Cyoncolipse admired the wonders produced from such a place. As he walked down the halls the static taste of magic allured his senses, Shivering with coursing magic he felt like it was the first time he discovered it. Shaking it off he reached the main doors to the courtyard, the courtyard was magnificent. Wooden arches beaconed all who entered or exited the court yard at the main door, vines creeping up and down with white flowers plaguing its surface. The cobbles that he walked on were a number of colors, blue , red, yellow. Flowers and great trees bearing fruit were scattered everywhere in neat columns near the benches and running streams. The aroma from the courtyard was amazing, The way how everything caught the golden orange glow of the morning sun made this place all of desirable. Of all the places in the world this was his favorite , Like the Afterlife forged by magic. As Elsinador neared the center of the courtyard the 4 mages waited with the apprentice from yesterday. They shifted from foot to foot uneasy about yesterdays events. Elsinadors robe moved freely in the gust, making him even more intimidating. Fixating his gaze on the blonde man, he could sense the fear emanating from him. Each mage wore the white robes of trial, marking them as possible apprentices and novices in magic. “Good Morning mages, I see you are ready for your lessons today, or are you?.” Elsinador said to the four of them. “Right, now that everything is in order, I will begin my lessons, they may be painful.” Elsinador said with a smirk appearing on his face. Stunned the four men looked even more nervous. “but first I will teach you how to harness the energies around you. Focus mages, I know u can feel magic otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Close your eyes and sense everything around you, the trees, the flowers, the sky.” Elsinador explained. As the mages focused he could sense their aura getting stronger, the taste of static in the wind was becoming more potent. “ good, now to caste spells you need to learn the Elvin words for the spells you will cast, think of the word almach duros.” Elsinador said expectantly.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:56 AM
After several seconds the man on the far right blurted out. “I see an image of a flame in my mind!” . he was of medium build with black hair, and looked no younger than 19 summers. “Very good it is a flame spell, I see someone here isn’t a failure unlike some.” Elsinador said glancing at the blond man. “ I can feel its intensity, now what Mentor?.” The man of the far right said with excitement. “Move the energy through your body like a running stream, let it course through your veins and your mind.” Elsinador said. Through Elsinadors eyes he could see the red energies of fire magic emanate from the young lad. Maybe this boy will show promise; he could use him for personal issues.

“I see your energy is flowing, now direct it to your hands.” Elsinador said to the young man. The look of pain crept onto his face. “it burns! What do I do?.” The mage said. “Move your hands towards that bush and throw the energy.” The air began to spark as charges of raw energy was released into the atmosphere. Suddenly the mages hand ignited into full flame swirling around his arm, the fiery claws of its flames licking the sleeves of his white robe. He forced his palm out as the flame danced off his arm spiraling towards the bush.

An explosion of vivid orange and red ignited consuming the bush. In a few seconds all that remained was smoke and ash. The mage opened his eyes to see the bush completely consumed. Surprised by what he had done he still stood in the same position. A wide grin appeared on Elsinadors face. “ Vary good! Well done mage.” Elsinador said. He was vary impressed, it seems that not only could this mage follow orders but he was also a natural at magic. The posture of the spell was nearly in perfection, the other mages were jaw struck. Still struggling to summon the energies the other mages failed to even channel the flame and all together gave up. Elsinador knew from the second they stepped into the academy it would take them years to accomplish what this mage has just done. Staring deep into the mages eyes Elsinador searched his soul to find out what this mages potential had in store.

“what is your name young mage?” Elsinador asked.
The mage looked hesitant at first, but then answered. “My name is Mythros Mentor Elsinador.”
“What family do you background from Mythros?”
“I background for the Arch mages of Delmagor in the south citys of Bloodrath” the mage said.
“That would explain why you can harness the elements much more quickly than expected, I don’t wish to be so forward to you all but I believe I have chosen my apprentice.”
A look of shock appeared on Mythoros’s face as well as the other mages. A mentor never picks an apprentice on the first passages of trial. Clearly outraged the blond man blurted out in anger. “This is unacceptable! A mentor cannot choose his apprentice on the first days of trials, it’s against the rules of the academy.”

“You all lack the skill this boy clearly has, and thus my choice has been made. You may try for the academy next year.”
“I will tell the headmaster about this!” The blond man stormed off, but not before Elsinador made his reaction. Harnessing the powers of arcane magic Elsinador focused a spell of amnesia on the mage. Hit suddenly by the blast his mind froze, his feet stopped moving dead in his tracks. Dazed he stood there confused about what just happened, he turned towards Elsinador. “What am I doing here?” “You were just leaving, please exit outside the building your carriage is waiting.” Elsinador motioned to the man. As soon as he got out of view Elsinador turned to see the other mages horrified about what just happened. “I have made my choice, dare not question my wisdom.” They all nodded at him in fear.
“now Mythros, follow me we have much to discuss.” The mage in the flowing white robes stepped forward and followed Elsinador out of the courtyard.
As they exited out of the court yard into the academy halls, the musk of magic became more intense.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:57 AM
“You see mythros, you are very talented I can tell that you have the natural skill to be a great spell caster.” Passing the hallway of evokers, the paintings of all those that were once known throughout the land made Elsinador think of his own life. “Mythros you have the potential to be one of these mages in these paintings.” Mythos’s face flushed red.
“Thank you Mentor Elsinador, I wish to learn everything about magic. Ever since I was a child I have been attracted to the alluring scent of magic.”
“Very good, I will teach you all that I can my child.” Elsinador said to the young mage with kindness in his eyes.
“Yes, this boy is very talented.” The voice slithered.
Elsinador’s smile quickly faded away, the illuminated hallways began flickering with forming shadows.
“You will use him, you will teach him what I will teach you.”
“He’s just an innocent boy, he has nothing to do with you and your sick dreams.” Elsinador said outloud.
“Mentor? Are you feeling well?.” Mythros said looking concerned.
“Tell him you are not well, tell him you will bind his soul to me.”
Elsinador remained silent, but the expression on his face told otherwise. Sweat dripping down his head showed signs of nervousness. Elsinador wiped it off with his blue sleeve, only to feel lightheaded when he noticed it wasn’t sweat, but blood. Elsinador felt frail as the life drained from his weathered face.
This must be an illusion, this blood can’t be real this demon is toying with me, I can’t let this boy suffer the same fate.
“Mentor… your bleeding…” Mythros said looking at the old man with concern.
Dear gods, this demon is really doing this, how can this be? This demon is much more powerful then I expected.
“I’m well Young one, but there is something we must discuss urgently and in private.”
The mages passing by Elsinador looked concerned by the blood dripping down his face. When they reached Elsinador’s dorm, he hesitated to open the door, probing the interior with magic. Nothing was inside and so the two entered. Elsinador took a seat on his bed as the mage shut the door behind them.
“Mythros we must speak, there is a great danger here. You have been marked by the darkness and so have I”.
“Mentor?” Mythros said skeptical of what he was hearing.
“There is a great evil lurking, This blood is of no coincidence to its presence here. It tortures me day and night. It visits me in my sleep, If I do not follow its wishes it will kill me by moonlight”.

“Is this true? If so we must consult the headmaster surely there must be something he can do”.
“No! you must not consult anyone. You will die too if his demands are not met, I fear the worst for us both.” Elsinador said in a vary menacing tone.
“Your mad!”. Mythros made a dash for the door, only to stop with a horrified face. “No! this voice can’t be real! Is this some kind of sorcery old man?”
“you can hear it too?”. A look of astonishment appeared on Elsinadors face.
“No! no! these must be lies! Evil sorcerer!”
Mythros attempted to open the door but was forced back by an unknown force. A surge of pain made him wince and cough up blood.
“ I grow tired of these games, You will do the ritual tonight.”
Elsinador helped lift Mythros from the ground and onto his bed.
“Now you see the evil of which I speak of, We must not tell anyone but alas I don’t know what to do”. Said Elsinator well he wiped the blood off his head with a rag, then proceeded to give Mythos a clean corner to wipe his mouth.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:58 AM
Elsinator reached his hand under the bed and pulled out a leather bound book with the engravings of a cross inlaid with a hook. As his hands skimmed the edges of the artifact the blue runes that lit the room dimmed. Pulling the cover completely open, the shadows enveloped the corners of their eyes.“This book, its in Alcaiec… But all artifacts were either burned or stolen after the great war.” Mythros said scanning the book with a keen eye. Elsinator was impressed, it seems that not only is this mage talented he is also knowledgeable of the ancients.
But a look of concern crept onto Mythros`s face. “ What are you doing with a book like this?”. Many things flooded Elsinator’s mind at this time, The static energy flowing though the room set sparks off in random directions. Surging blood pumped through his body, the tingle of energy flowing through his veins. And for that single moment, He envisioned Being swallowed whole by darkness. He felt his body being thrust skyward into the nothingness carrying him to mountains hight. Through endless darkness. This force dragged him to a halt. A few steps away, there lay a cloud of pure darkness. The movement of this monstrous black mass was hypnotic in its incomprehensible form. The darkness slithered black tendrils in and out of itself. Entangled like possessed vines they were constantly wrapping in and out of something of true blackness. A low tone could be heard emanating, and from all this darkness. Came a comforting warmth. The solidarity of the emptiness, drained him of fear.
*I’v brought you here my child* the black mass cooed to him. In the presence of this world, the sounds and his own thoughts appeared to be ringing inside his head.
*There is much I will show you, look deeper into the Abyss…what do you see?*

Elsinator narrowed his eyes on the enigmatic mass, scanning it for any variation in colour. Suddenly the mass began pulsating and convulsing into a spiral, The cool air being drawn by the void tugged at Elsinator’s robe. From the worming mass, small bits of colour began forming from inside. white and grey shades of fiery light immerge from the tendrils as it spins and weaves a pattern of light.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 02:59 AM
Still unable to comprehend what he was looking at, it took him a few moments to identify that he was looking at a cemetery. The pictures inside the void were moving so smoothly that it appeared Elsinador was looking through the eyes of another, only heavily distorted. The image began moving forward inside the cemetery, Through the rusting metal gates, row by row cracked tomb stones could be seen with the gentile touch of nature, grasping them with vines and moss over taking the view of the distance.
The image moved farther in to the neat maze of stone, The moon’s glow Tipped the edges of every rock, giving it an ominous appeal passing by. The filtering light from the swirling mass was moving in a fiery motion as it painted an more vivid picture. It suddenly stopped at this extremely aged tomb. Symbols plagued its surface and upon closer inspection began faintly glowing blue. The Stone door was made of diorite an extreme dense stone that was so finely cut, that either this person was extremely wealthy or an evoker of the dark arts. Its placement so well constructed it prevented outside intruders, hence the value of the stone. Some guttural words were spoken and the doors internal locks screeched steel on steel as a cloud of dust projected out from inside. The image moved closer down into the tomb, into a staircase at the bottom was a crypt. The image speed up to the crypt, the filtering light lined around the object and Elsinator leaned in for closer inspection. Suddenly the top began sliding until it dropped. The inside appeared to be to dark to see from the angle he was at, it wasn’t until it got into full view that Elsinator began getting disturbed. There laying in the crypt was a decaying corpse clenching a staff of some sort, at the head of the staff was a red gem
the size of a potato. Some sort of metal could be seen griping 4 corners of the gem as if it was being held by a metal claw. The colours within the image began burning from right to left as the gem flickered a dim red light.

*Go to the cemitary of the forgotten, my chosen warrior* the voice rang inside his head.
*Mentor, are you okay?* Mythros said with a look of concern on his face.
*There is no time to discuss, You may not be fully aware of the destiny before you and I. I don’t like it as much as you, but we have been called upon by an evil deity. We must do this… now* Elsinador spoke as he flipped the pages of the book to the first ritual.
*From my understanding mentor, a deity does not cling to minor individuals. All the records I have read indicate that only strongest of casters are looked upon. You are suggesting that this Deity or god is calling upon us specifically?* Mythros mentioned with question in his mind.

*There is nothing to gain from conspiracy towards this demon, I do not know what its origins are therefore I will do what it asks simply because i want this all to end as silently as possible. Now what im about to ask you may horrify you, but it must be done* Elsinador said showing Mythros the book, going over the ritual. *We have until tonight’s moonlight*.

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