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Is the CEC an Australian secret society, or is it the tool of another secret society

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posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 10:57 PM
Recently I observed during the recent Federal elections in Australia a "new" party called the Citizens Electoral Party. They seemed to have been receiving a large amount of funding, but on closer inspection (ie. website) there members comprise only of "working class" people. so the funding musn't come from the members themselves. La Roche is mentioned quite a lot in there propaganda, who is he? And why is a party that states that it is opposed to multi-culturalism, and wants the creation of a fully funded national bank, funded by an American? In short does anybody know who exactly these people are, what are there motives, and why they are funded by a rich american?

pardon my ignorance but i'am young and a new member of this site.

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