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Anonymous hacked

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posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by opethPA

Originally posted by LightningStrikesHere
I don't get it. OP .. ANNON is not some single group. It. Could be anyone. Hell it could be some lonely neck beard. Sitting in the basement, doing it all him self. That's the beautty of it .... their is no leader.... and op you call people skript kitty's. Lol . Do you even lift bro?
edit on 21-2-2013 by LightningStrikesHere because: (no reason given)

Oh this the part where you put your fawkes mask on and threaten me with an easy to execute DDoS?
I was hoping for better but you rolled a bro line out there so its not even worth talking anymore.

slow down turbo , cause this too Shall pass
,all is well
DDos !?!? ......
...*COUGH* k OP

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