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Multiple Deaths in Shooting Spree Across Tustin Area

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posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by KaiserSoze

I think a series of "Public Service" announcements on a nice variety of channels along with some billboards would probably resolve the problem.

I am really surprised that the federal government hasn't mandated placing these messages and warnings on boxes of ammunition. Also give sentencing considerations if pamphlets are handed out with each drug sale.

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 12:18 AM
Shooter identified as Ali Syed, 20. His spree left a total of four dead and three injured.

The killing began in the bedroom of his Ladera Ranch, Orange County, home at about 4:45am, when he shot a woman ID'ed as Courtney Aoki, 20. His parents, who also lived there, had never seen her before.

Also killed were Jeremy Lewis, 26, and Melvin Edwards, 69. Syed ended his rampage that covered one hour and 25 miles by shooting himself in the head at an intersection in the City of Orange.

It appears Courtney, aka "Kitty Kitanna," may have been working as an escort at the time of the murder:
According to the model/actress' Facebook page under her stage name, Kitty Kitanna, she was also a dancer--at Eye Candy Bikini Bar in Costa Mesa. ... A driver for an escort service popped up in a previous KTLA/Channel 5 report claiming Aoki was working as an escort that night in Ladera Ranch.

The motive for the initial murder and the ensuing rampage is unknown. Though a witness had this to say:
The plumbing project's boss ran toward the shooting to desperately try and help but came face to face with Syed, who made unusual comments about drugs, the foreman told KNBC.
'He said this was a result of the drug industry, the narcotics industry, and that it didn't matter because he'd be dead in 20 minutes,' said Shane Caporaso.

The perpetrator was also an avid gamer:
--Sheriff's officials during a news conference Wednesday described Syed as "a loner, a gamer" who was unemployed but had been taking college-prep classes....
"He took one class at college. He did not work. ... Most of his free time he was playing video games," Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino said.
Syed was a loner and a gamer who seldom left his room at 5 Red Leaf Lane...

Aoki, who was found fully clothed, lived an alternative lifestyle that might have provided other possible motives:
In 2007, before (her friend)Wood left for college, she and Aoki began a blood pact. “I cut my hand. She cut hers and with blood we shook on it,” Wood continued. “That is when I adopted her as my baby sister.“
Along with the two sisters, the blood pact of seven people in total identified themselves as wiccans.
Annette (Aoki) remembered her daughter as a free spirit who went from dressing all in black to wearing splashy theatrical garb. She may not have been a professional actress, but she was indeed a performer. Courtney was especially interested in vampires and zombies, making home movies with her friends.

It would be interesting if the link between Syed and Aoki was through the vampire gaming world, or the occult, or via drug use or dealing, instead of through the sex industry.


Syed allegedly left a suicide note on his computer just before the incident:
(He) wrote a suicide note on his computer, written within an hour of when police say Syed shot and killed his first victim. The note showed that Syed had suicidal thoughts and "ideations and premeditations of these random acts of violence" but didn't mention any specific victims, locations or weapons, the investigator said.


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