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Who is to blame for all the screw up's and the killing of dorner

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:07 AM
I would like to discuse how things managed to get so out of hand in trying to catch (kill) Dorner.
let's face it this has to be one of the worst cases of reckless behaviour in chassing down and aprahending a suspect to a crime.
2 women being shot though the back of there pick up by police
Houses in the street were also ridled with bullet holes
The other car driver who was shot at by police
The burning down of the cottage.
Before you attack me please read below and then leave your thoughts for us to read and laern from.

I do not believe the police at the cottage site have brocken any laws for coming up with idea's on how to get dorner out
ALL THE BLAME FOR THIS should be put on the police Captian or whoever was running the show, making the decisions and giving the go orders.
This man is supposed to be respected by thoughs under him for his vallor and sence of fair play.

The cops in the field did not break a law by saying burn the mother fu&$!er or for wishing him dead.
it's not against law to hate someone or wish them dead
They followed orders so in my eyes they have done there job.
My problem is the powers that be should never have put them in a position were they had to do what they did.

The police who shot the old ladys should have to go to court and explain there actions abd take the punishment. They wern't following oders when they drew there wepons and fired at the car. If they didn't know they were women in that car then they never gave warning IE top police or put your hands out the window for them to shokt those women like that just astounds me.
I hope you understand that this didn't need to happen and we can't go blaming the cops on the street for doing as ordered.
We need to make th politikns employ the right department heads to make sure the police understand if it's against the law it's unexeptable for all that includes them.
They have to stop thinking they have the right to break the law just because thier the police doesn't makes it ok for them to deam when and what laws they want to break.
If we start placing the blame were it belings at the head of the snake.
They will start cracking down on the underlings when they get out of line instead of condoning it.
Like the torcher that was going on in the Cubin prision.
Only solders of low rank got charged when they were following orders to make the prisoners unstable.
They may not like rag heads they may even think it wohld be fun to torcher them but they haven't brocken any laws by thinking that.
If they know there plutoon leader will dicain them or put them on report they would spend there whole tour without hurting everyone.
These solders were ordered to do it and yes some probly enjoyed it.
They paid the price of serving there country and just following orders because of all the deniel further up the chain.
10 years latter after bush denied anything about torcher he has his autobiography writen and shat does it say
"I'm proud and don't feel guilty about signing the order.
What I'm saying is I want to see people hang for this I want to screem and damand it but I don't wants those cops that were there that day to be blamed for it :-)

It's ok to be angry about what happened without thinking your bagging police or condoning Donrers behaviour
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