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The Universal Purpose of Organic and Technological Evolution

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 04:04 PM
Using the universe and the fundamental laws of physics that govern our reality a the foundation for this idea, I began to wonder what the real purpose of existence is. Most people have a feeling inside them, making it clear that we have a purpose for being alive, but no one has ever revealed a provable or plausible explanation as to what the purpose is.

There are lots of 'T.O.E.s' (Theory Of Everything) that attempt to explain material & spiritual existence. In fact, most who have thought about our purpose for living, and the universe's existence in general, have developed their very own personal T.O.E.

I have my own T.O.E. too, although I am constantly adapting it when I learn new information and it's probably much closer to FantasyLand than it is to reality..

Basically, I have a suspicion that our evolution, along with the Universe's, is to transform from a organic state into a mechanical, technologically advanced state of existence. This evolution could supply a sort of 'armor' that may be used to reject any potential catastrophic destruction of the universe. That's way far out and in now way is it provable, but it does make me think there could be something to this idea.

As we have evolved as humans on Earth, we have witnessed the evolution of technology, and technological/chemical breakthroughs in medicine. This is to extend our life span, make ourselves comfortable in the face of potentially fatal viruses & diseases, and also make the our material existence more interesting, entertaining and comfortable.

We show no signs of losing the ambition that drives us to develop entirely new possibilities associated with the governing laws of reality.

We are all an inextricable product of the universe, because we are made entirely of Universal matter. This means we do not freely make the decision to evolve in our technology - it is not a product of any singular mind alone. It is not the collaboration with others to create advancing technology... it is not something we decide to do, as if we are completely separate from the physical and/or spiritual Universe......

Our being was not created in a different place and then planted into this Universe, where we use the material around us to create new technology. We are obviously a product of the material universe and we have a direct connection to the conscious aspect of our existence. This means that everything we have an ambition to create doesn't come from any human mind, it comes from the desires of the Universe.

We are a part of the Universe (apologies for redundancy here), and such integration means the Universe has created us out of necessity to advance in technology and fulfill the evolution of the Universe.

There is so much matter in the Universe, based on current understanding, it would be nearly impossible to effect all of it . We may continue evolving until we aquire ability to change matter in the far reaches of the Universe.

If we continue on the technological advancements in computing power and processes, eventually we will create a technological singularity. A techno-singularity occurs when artificial intelligence is created that surpasses the abilities of the Human Brain.

No one knows what will occur after such a singularity is created, many think it will mark the end of our age and reality as we know it.

My idea is that a singularity will create a type of self replicating nano-bot with the on-board ability to create it’s own fuel and an on-board ability to evolve it's own intelligence. It will have the ability to be a science laboratory, a research and development tool, and a material production/re-production plant.

The nano-bot will be able to identify matter surrounding it. On the ground, it can detect the composition of the surrounding matter, such as; the chemical make-up of grass, dirt, and water, the temperature of the area, etc. Using this A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), the nano-bots will begin their programmed task which is: To use any and all matter each individual nano-bot comes in contact with. It will use this matter to perform 'self-replication'. As-well-as a self-replication feature, the nano-bots will also be able to modify their programming to comply with varying chemical and material composition of the different regions. Also, not only can they self-replicate and evolve their own programming intelligence by using the surrounding material, they can also evolve their physical stature.

The bots can make themselves larger or smaller, depending on the requirement of the modified programming tasks. They can also communicate with each other and they will be capable of evolving their language as they move further into their mission.

These bots are not designed simply to self replicate themselves, they have another malleable agenda. Their original design will be to self-replicate until a predetermined number of nano-bots have been assembled, using only the matter surrounding them. The goal of the bots is to reach a number that could easily be in the thousands of trillions, before initiating the rest of their programming.

Once they have reached the goal, they will initiate their second purpose, while continuing to clone themselves. The 2nd purpose is to construct material objects. They could build signal towers on distant worlds or satellites - such as Earth's own moon.

They will also build stationary habitats on distant worlds and moons. These habitats will be fully operational once the nano-tech bots have completed assembly. The bots can even construct gardens and trees. All the astronauts need to do is arrive at the complex constructed by these bots.

The bots can, most literally, construct any and everything made of matter. There is absolutely no limit to what they can produce, materially. (aside from fusions reactors or other such objects that require hard to obtain elements). If it is something that can be purchased legally on Earth, and is made up of standard elements ( doesn‘t have to be something you can purchase, I added that to give an idea of what could be produced), then the nano-bots can clone the object - just as it replicates and evolved itself, both physically and 'mentally'.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 04:05 PM
...Continued Below

The Universe will continue pushing the nano-bots in the path it wishes to follow, until it has achieved it's goal. The bots will become so populated as they continue replicating themselves exponentially, at a rate that humans are unable to comprehend.

It is the process of dual inflation* (*can‘t think of the proper label for this), it is a simple concept and most everyone understand how it works. However, for the sake of content, I will provide a brief example below:

[ 1+1= 2 2+2= 4 4+4= 8 8+8=16 16+16= 32 32+32= 64 64+64= 128 128+128= 256

256+256= 512 512+512=1024 1024+1024=2048 2048+2048= 4096 4096+4096= 8192

8192+8192= 16384 16384+16384= 32768 32768+32768= 65536 65536+65536= 131072

131072+131072= 262144 262144+262144= 524288 524288+524288= 1048576

1048576+1048576= 2097152 2097152+2097152= 4194304 4194304+4194304= 8388608

8388608+8388608= 16777216 16777216+16777216= 33554432 33554432+33554432= 67108864

67108864+67108864= 134217728 134217728+134217728= 268435456

268435456+268435456= 536870912 536870912+536870912= 1073741824

1073741824+1073741824= 2147483648 2147483648+2147483648= 4294967296

4294967296+4294967296= 8589934592 8589934592+8589934592= 17179869184

17179869184+17179869184= 34359738368

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by esteay812

Its called the Grey Goo theory.

I sincerely hope technology is in no way the meaning of life, because that would mean that life itself is nothing more than a tool, and awareness a biproduct. I find it more likely that as life is a mathematical certainty, at least at this point and place in the universe, that consciousness and the after-effects, such as architecture, society, and technology, are the result of the universe essentially pondering its own existence, and learning of its own being. That would make each individual consciousness an aspect of the mind of the universe, like the facets of a diamond. Each life, in its own time, would exist forever as a part of the universal whole, separated by the dimensional barriers of time and space, connected by the inexorable fabrics of awareness and thought. Of course, that's just an idea. But wouldn't that be something to behold? Each galaxy of stars acting as neurons in the mind of a greater whole, with stars as atoms, planets as protons, and we, too small to even be measured on the universal scale pondering our place in existence within something infinitely too complex and large for our minds to understand, never knowing that our place is simply to ask why.

posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by Malfeitor

I'm with you, I hope we aren't just some part in a mechanical evolution. Looking at how things evolve, it sure does give a picture of technological evolution.

If/When a technological singularity is reached, most scholars freely admit they have no way of knowing what will come next. I suppose this is the kick-off point for many sci-fi writers and fans, since there is no clearly defined direction our existence will go.

Makes me want to curl up in a cave some where, with a never-ending supply of electricity, food, a laptop, and an infinite suppy of vaseline
.... to be sure my fingertips don't ruin from all the sci-fi stories I try to type up!

Edit for this:

I clicked your Grey Goo link and am glad I did. I have never heard of the specifics of this before. I guess I should have known there would be a very detailed theory for it, considering 'The Matrix Trilogy' and the fans it turned on to this type of thinking.

I guess I would alter the theory of the Grey Goo a bit:

Instead of the molecular non-tech consuming everything, ruining our lives and ending existence as we know it, we would benefit from the molecular nano-bots. Everything they 'process' becomes a stronger version of what it was before or it becomes an element in a larger structure.

Even humans would be consumed by nano-tech, on a molecular level, upgrading us into more durable, 'Super-Humans'/'Cyborgs'. Because the change takes place on such a small level, we would never even feel our bodies change... That goes back to my above comments about 'The Ghost in the Machine'
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