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Materialistic Western Philosophy As Electronic Research Experiment

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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 12:34 PM
Let us think of, let us imagine, western materialistic philosophy as a research experiment, using modern day electronic technology. The idea being to study the human response with a never-ending flux of new 'things,' objects, new activities to be approved of or disapproved of. These events are very serious things, which we should all be deeply concerned of. These objects are very desirable things, that we should all aspire to have. Those other things people are telling you to do, those are wrong. Listen to what they are saying on the TV! The experts!

Se the psychology behind the whole culture? Whether it is literally a conscious research project, or an unconscious genetic program, we cannot be sure. But either way, an experiment in gathering data of the human neural, brain, response, to overload of abstract stimuli, using electronic technology.

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