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Invasion of the Twitter Mentality, is killing ATS

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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by QMask

Don't feel bad I have yet to have her comment on any of my threads, other than the regents stuff from last year
we just keep bumping into each other here and there.

Des: I wish I had seen this rant earlier.. And I have to admit in certain threads, one in particular comes up there are a LOT of one line posts, BUT they are within the general gist of the thread, and do not have any disruptive value, which is why I think they're letting them fly, but you're right, a lot of threads have very minimal posting, no real info, a lot of Okie that's great's and it's just getting worse, like people are trying to fill the need for their 20 posts so they can too post something they think is exciting and new.

But that brings up a really interesting dilemma, there are times when a one liner is the perfect response, earlier I learned something new form a post, I responded quite shortly with "I just learned something, thank you" now that's an example of a one-line post that added to the thread, and was not just there for it's own sake. So in drawing a line, certain types of one-lines, minimal responses should be allowed, and even in everyday speech we sometimes resort to short responses, because honestly that's all that's needed.

Anyhow, I just ran out of coffee, and creamer, and and falling asleep at my keyboard..

*hugs* Des.. good rant..

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