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Turkey wants in the EU so bad it's fueling anti-assad campaign.

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 08:18 PM
I suspected this for numerous reasons. It is my opinion and I think this article backs it up.
Turkey is in European power's pocket... the declining European empire.

This ridiculous statement by Turkey's foreign minister ought to spell this out for anyone. He accused (in a Jerusalem Post article) Assad of having a secret agreement with Israel. Are you freaking kidding me? Does the man need to have his head checked? Does he really need an explanation as to why Syria did not strike back at Israel?

GIVE ME A BREAK!... If this man cannot figure this out, then he doesn't need to be foreign minister. He needs to go back to high school!

I cannot believe how desperate these people are with their manipulative spin.
What kind of people is it that they are used to deceiving? Brain damaged monkeys?

Letters of complaint have been filed with the UN because one thing Assad knows he does not want, is a motion from the UN giving the go ahead for foreign intervention... so he is trying to heed red light warnings and not taking the bait.

Israel clearly wanted them to strike back because it would give them a green light for open conflict in Syrian airspace. Well I think this article makes it very clear that Turkey is in on the spin... not to mention that this country is a big source of these terrorist rebels.

Then again, maybe Turkey is just plain dumb seeing as it seems to think that EU membership is going to do more good than harm. Clearly people all too eager to sell their souls.
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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 08:56 PM
And what the crap is this?

Revolutionary People's Liberation front?

Oh no you didn't Turkey.. You Frontin!

It's not enough that we have pseudo-Jihadist terrorists, but now we are seeing more in the media about Marxist terrorist. Oh, surely this has NOTHING to do with Russia's vetoes....?

Yeah, The USSR had some serious terrorism going on... that was actually one of their biggest mistakes in my opinion. Lenin, who was clearly very politically educated, was a violent man. Does that automatically mean that Soviet loyalists are committing terrorist acts in Turkey?

Wellll, let me see here. This guy (after DNA tests) was found to have already been convicted of bombing other government buildings but they let him out in an "amnesty program"

WHAT amnesty program... Sounds like it might be YOUR fault, Turkey... but let's keep looking at this revolutionary front that splintered from other revolutionary groups (typical politics that lead to splinter terrorist groups) and they have taken credit for attacks that were already claimed by other terrorist groups.

Are we clear yet? Hell no... but Turkey is.

Turkey and these claims seems to be very conspicuously crystal clear.

TOO clear.

What was a war on terror, is taking a soviet Marxist turn.

No, this doesn't stink of European elite at all!

posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 09:08 PM
Remeber people... Britain MI6 was formed BECAUSE OF the USSR... mostly.

It is responsible for a lot of espionage and counter-intelligence and the whole cold war crap... but what was one of the things to piss off the soviets early on is the fact that after the formation of the UN, mainland China was not represented. INSTEAD, Taiwan had China's seat. This caused a boycott of the Soviets and without them having a voice to stop it... the UN gave the green light that lead to the Korean conflict.

I doubt they will be making that mistake again.

This is why it becomes so important to play along and keep your eye on the ball.

Even though these terrorist groups are sketchy at best, Turkey acts like it knows exactly what's going down and it's meant to cast a bad light on Russia... but it doesn't make it in any way connected to Russian leadership or government... because they could not possibly be that dumb.

So here we have yet another very strategic suicide bomber sent in to cast a shadow of a doubt.

I believe it is connected to the recent statements against Syria, the amount of rebels in their country and European pseudo-intelligence.

Pay close attention to what happens next involving Turkey because somebody's strings are being pulled.

The MO for these grafted attacks seems to always involve the word "suicide bomber"
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