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An imagination of the future.

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 08:01 AM
Directory/Series Beginning

"I see your curious of the future" he claims and at that he whisks his cane in a swirling motion and a door in shiny silverish color appears. "Please step inside" holding his hand palm up pointing towards the door, without thinking, you do as he says, feeling kind of disoriented on your way but exactly sure of what your doing.
As soon as you touch the door your speedily pulled through it, thinking to yourself as your body composition stretches and thins out and gets sucked into the door "This really should hurt"but you feel no pain.
Your now floating in space above the planet Earth, staring down at all its wonder but it seems void of life and different than images you have seen from outer space of it before, its much more brown in the atmosphere tinge and the continents are much darker, almost black. You seen a yellowish white light gleaming down far below and you determine that is the area your from. Than you see that silvery door again appear before you and a figure warp through, a figure very unfamiliar to you though it is humanoid in shape.
The thing says to you "Earthling, this is your future, your kind never was nothing more than invisible and the bodies you live in only were whatever what you perceived it as. This goes for anything around you. You are very special and I require you on our side, so I come to you. You've chosen to come to the future, well there you have it and now you will join us or suffer the consequences!" you just realized you are not in your body and are only your thoughts in the vast emptiness of space, your able to work up the courage quickly enough to ask a question.
"What are you?"
This thing before you, robotic looking in nature with fiery red eyes and the darkest color you've ever seen aside from the shade of black, hovers closer towards you, not moving a joint but just by looking at it's figure you tell it must be very agile and you are very wary of it coming closer but it stops a safe distance from you. "I am what you perceive, I've already told you that." you consider that for a moment and than it comes to you what this thing actually is. "That's correct"it claims. "I control what you see at this moment."
It is an entity that has always been a machine type organism. The ultimate cyborg, born a machine if it ever were born, but it was not it has always existed and always will, this is the greatest warrior in all that ever exists in any world, universe, plane of existence and everything your not able to perceive yourself yet, this is the ruler.
Before your next thought can run through your mind this thing faces it palms together to form an energy and than raises its hands above its head ever so fast and ever so faster thrusting them downwards the earth and it controls you and your now seeing the blackened land mass far below you come closer at an alarming rate.
You do not have eyes to shut but it was as if you blinked the moment you were going to hit the ground and all of a sudden your in a crystal clear area with nothing at all in sight except for the warrior before you. "I will help you" it says and with that there is a fireball in the distance now speeding towards you and before you know it your floating in a new body much like your own and than you gently float down to what feels like solid ground below you but you see nothing.
The warrior flying above you glaring down at you with those demonic looking eyes.
You look at your hands they are blue and light grey in color with a steel look. They suddenly ignite in fire and shock you beyond belief. You jump back startled and you suddenly seem to be so far away from your original destination because you can only make out a black spec that is the figure which amazingly you can still hear its voice.
"This will help you control your new wealth of power I've granted you, as you are now one of us."
Another fireball speeding towards you stops directly in your good hand forming a sword and the unpainful magical blaze stops engulfing your hands.
The blade is the most amazing thing you've ever seen even more than the warrior, it forms a symbiotic relationship to your consciousness. "Recreate your everything"his voice booms at you.
You hold up the sword high with both hands now and create a beam of light that surrounds you and brings beauty back to the world around you. Your home before you, and everybody important to you gathered in a crowd in the surrounding area. "You have more power than you could ever imagine and this is the world you create? This is the future you want? All these bodies you have given to them will expire and will be obliterated by time! I expect more of you!" It now is shouting at you and you think that must be very bad, but you have the power to now challenge him.
"You will answer my questions now cyborg or I will test my strength on you!" you threaten in a heroic tone. "What is it that happened to my original world? Why were my loved ones gone? How is this the future? Tell me what I need to know? Now!" staring back now at it just as deep as it stares at you, yet it is still very far away but you can home in on it's position and direct your thoughts.
The warrior laughing evilly says to you "You were born a parasite as were they, unlike what you are now, the combination of an irresistable force and an immovable object. Our kind decimated your previous existence and left your home world to wrought, as you had seen it. We conquered your consciousness and the ones of those around you. As we do with all forms of life and assimilate them into us, the Centurians. Our conquest will never end and we embrace our destiny for it with great compassion. Back down now new comer and I will give you all the knowledge of everything and you will lead with us into all time and space to fullfil our destiny together."
"I am not one of you! This is my home and I am your enemy"you shout in a planet shaking tone of voice.
In a flash you enter it's general area and engage the warrior in a battle of magic, clenching your sword with both hands pointing it towards him, throwing fireballs, lighting bolts and huge icicles all at once in its direction. It quickly draws it blade and absorbs it all. You than summon all that is with in you and create a vast vortex of void creating magical power and charge it up in your blade and heave it with the greatest swing of your sword you possibly could. "How? What? You cannot posses such power...." it exclaims as the vortex swallows him up and vanishes without a trace.
You check to make sure everyone is okay and with that acknowledged you distil upon your race great technology. Your galaxy now protected by a cosmically enormous circular fortress. And a very large space force to intercept your enemies should they ever return. It's an incredible sight to see the various spaceships from the ground up in space locked in near earth orbit. You create homes on other words and new lives on them of various life forms.
"I am the protector of life, the future is I and I am the future. I must not delay in eliminating the Centurian onslaught" you say to yourself starting your mission as you look up beyond the stars to see the enemy fleet engage your new civilization.

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by beautyofperil

Hi beautyofperil,

That was excellent!
I really enjoyed reading it. Gripping stuff.

Just one question:
Why did you decide to write this in the "second person"?

It kind of works, so I was just curious as to why the choice of the "second person" style.

Edit to Add:
The problem with "second person" is that I (the reader) might actually have chosen to act differently under such circumstances. So, if you tell the story in the "second person", I sometimes get the impression that you are lying, because I would not have acted in that way, as you describe in the story. And then, it kind of takes me out of the story for a short while.

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posted on Feb, 2 2013 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by QMask

Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry that you feel that way but I really want the reader to feel that their experiencing my imagination first hand where I can control thier every move. If it was easier I would definitely leave you with choices to make and ill try to do it in a different story now thanks to your input I know how important that is.


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