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funny dates

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 08:35 PM
Here are some funny dates

This one was hillarious. Some good stuff. lol

A Third Wheel
"I was set up with a guy. He asked if I'd like to go to a Kings hockey game, and I said sure, but when he picked me up there was another woman in the front seat. He didn't introduce her, but said he was dropping her at the airport, and I proceeded to sit in the backseat feeling like a little kid while they babbled away in French. His cocky attitude continued, and I tried to fake some stomach pains to get out of the game at half-time, but he insisted we go out to some clubs afterward (where he had "connections," which never materialized). Thank goodness I ran into some friends at the club and could leave with them. But it gets weirder: a year ago I ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction to a sinus shot, and this fella was my doctor. And he asked me out again! No thank you, Dr. Ick!"

I was laughing, for a little while after reading that.

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 08:46 PM
One night, me and four friend were hanging out, walking around town, chillin, you know the drill. Well, we go over to one of the girls' house and start watching amovie, innocent right? Not quite. See, I was with four people, two couples...One was on the bed, the other was in a chair, and I'm sitting on the ground, the only person actually watching the movie. And its not like we were spread out, this room is probbaly 10x7, so there isnt much wiggle room.

But they had enough!

Its bad being the third wheel, but the 5th? That just blows!


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