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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 11:10 PM
"Truth is unaltered state of consciousness while lie is altered state of consciousness that fades in time until will release the truth"

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That means that sometimes the power of the truth is so overwhelming that it make it hard to be believed.

Indeed, never the truth does not fade.

Even if truth is working subconsciously and can define conscious and can give value to life.

If it is to quantify the Truth then I guess the formula will be:


where 'n' is the numbers of variables of a lie in time.

Although the truth is only one we can say that the truth has three states of aggregation:

Solid state of the Truth which is the raw truth in his purest form when he is born in the Fact of the Truth.

Liquid state of the truth when he can take the shape that we want to or better said when its taking the shape of our mind.

Usually this is happen after a short period of time after the Fact of the Truth when starting to analyze the elements of the Truth through their facts.

Gaseous state the truth and this happens when the truth vaporizes.

This is the dangerous state of the truth because just like before the Japan earthquake when distinct precursor signals are released in the atmosphere and ionosphere.

This can be seen in riots and revolts when truth in Gaseous state is released over and from masses of people and when a single spark is enough to ignite the blaze.

But for this truth must be released with pressure therefore we have the Pressure and Temperature of the truth.


nL=number of lies

Tt=temperature of the truth

Vt=volume that truth that he occupies given by number of subjects involved

When the truth gather pressure then he will be released with a violent pressure.

The forensic truth.

I guess this is a very complicated subject because for example the discovery of human remains after many years involves many sciences to gather the evidence necessary to discover the truth.

This is done in stages and is based on earlier survey distributive logic and intuition forensics laboratory research.

Investigation and evidence gathering items can be extremely difficult in a context where there are few ways to get to the truth.

But modern science usually has the answer for the traces of the past...I mean even if the survey may take years in the end the truth will come out from the darkness.

Because for crimes without the author even if it seems that they remain undiscovered ways, truth will come out in a certain way to give to itself dimension.

But there are other ways to find the Truth.

It's called the Truth from dreams and it's never lying.

Dreams can give us answers to many questions including unanswered questions that involves Truth.

In a dream when you dream someone you know we can depict the actual face that they can express such inner self at some point and that can express the truth about that person in relationship with us.

The rest is a matter of interpretation of the dream to find the truth.

Because dreams never lie and even if we think that they can lie in the end the purpose was the truth ...I mean the path to truth which is not easy.


There are people that live with Mendacity.For them lie is the truth itself and they built their lives on lies that in the end even they come to believe.

Mendacity is like a snake crawling silently through people's lives and brings only bad around it.

To live in mendacity is like living in mud but the mud is nice for reptiles and reptilian.

Mandacity can give to some people an easy life but in the end the truth will overwhelm them with it's power ,this to use elegant language.

Like here...

[not to be quoted]'/thread'[not to be quoted]

I mean like here...

even if we might not believe , truth always comes to the surface like quicksilver,because

"In an ocean of lies when the truth breaks to surface he cleans the waters of the ocean with the speed of light and only then the light will penetrate deep to show up in the darkest depths."

And that is process that has already began.


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