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The Lighter Side of the US Elections from Oz

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 12:46 AM
We have a late Wednesday show in Australia called "The Panel". Its run for six-seven years, and its just four blokes and a girl who sit on a panel for an hour drinking coffee and shooting the breeze about the weeks events and having a laugh........just like what we do except in front of a national audience.

For instance they take the piss out of the food fight in the Taiwanese Parliment. Or they pick up a very obscure reference from a recent George W Bush election Rally.

Helps to have network access to the satalite feed.

Picture this.

George Bush is giving a rousing speech at a televised rally before thousands of Republican true beleivers, surrounded on all sides by the faithful.

His speech is all about the dangers of terrorism and terror states, and enemies within and without, and how he will defend the USA best!

All scary stuff.

What attracted "The Panels" Attention... the secret service? the minders? the lump in Bushes jacket?

No it was an average Joe American, in the middle of the tumultous masses in the centre left background behind Bush, wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt and jeans, beared and glasses.......and holding his camera at arms length, straining his eyes, intently and obliviously trying to focus it and decide........

........"am I supposed to use the mountainscape or flower setting for this?"

You need a laugh where you can get.....Go on......try to find the clip

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