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Tuesday Afternoons: The Mule's Story

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 09:15 PM
This is based off a true story.

Boom! Here comes the boom! Ready or not, how you like it now?

Over the roar of the bus, he listened to the music coming out of his iPod. The epitome of cool, every little 6th and 7th grade linebacker wanted to be just like him. He looked down at his chest where the gold letters M, U, L, E, and S were printed over the blue jersey, and beneath them the gold squared number 50 stared back at him.

"Ok guys, we're here, let's go."

He looked out and saw the school known as Ed White.

"C'mon, Miguel, let's go!"

He grabbed his shoulder pads and his helmet and began trotting towards the field where he would begin the fight towards history.

This is the story of the 8th Grade Alamo Heights Football team, and their struggle to become the first team to win back to back district championships in both 7th and 8th grade.

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 07:00 PM
He watched helplessly as the pass fluttered into the hands of a defender and the defender ran it back for a touchdown.

"#" Drew muttered to himself.

He walked off the field dejected, knowing that the touchdown had cost them the game. It wasn't his fault though; the White dark team put up 10 more TDs on AH light to make the final score 60-6.

As the dark team trotted towards the endzone, the light team looked on, knowing that this could be their whole season.

"What time is it?" Victor hollered in the middle of the pulsating mass of players.


"Any dogs in da house?" Sergio, the starting tailback, and the most imposing force on AH Dark, yelled.


"Let's go babaaay!!!!"

While the rest of the dark players sprinted towards the sideline, 11 players began to line up for kickoff. Some of these players would never see a minute of rest for the next 4 quarters.

"Ok, ok, deep middle. Let's go guys. Mules..." Victor, who was also a kicker started the huddle.


The kickoff was brought back to the 20 as it was kicked out of the endzone.

2 players trotted off the field and 2 more came in. Preston, the right linebacker broke the huddle and they were off. The play was stopped for a gain of 2 yards, but something more serious happened. Preston's already tender left wrist had taken a blow. He was assisted off the field and the replacement, Blake, came in.

"Here we go guys. 54 cover 4, got it? 54 cover 4. Mules...." Miguel was now the leader of the defense"


The next 3 plays resulted in a turnover at the 29 yd line. Colin came in, as Preston was also the starting QB. The call was a running play to the inside. Colin came up to the line, but the snap didn't come off cleanly, so he pitched it to Sergio, who ran around the outside for a 29 yard TD.

Dark Mules never relented the lead again. The game was called for lack of light after Shaney, a cornerback, picked off his second pass of the game.

The score was 22-6. The Mules were now 1-1 in district, and they needed a winning streak to have any chance for the district championship. The bus ride home was solemn. Someone had a radio out and was playing Daft Punk's One More Time, a reference to the one more district championship they needed to become the first team to win 7th and 8th district championships in AH history since 1968.

So? Comments? Questions?

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