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An interesting thought while watching a Titanic documentary..

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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 12:58 AM
First off: I'm not here to discuss the actual Titanic, if it sank or not, if James Cameron is crazy, or any other topic that might get thrown in for ##### and giggles.
As I move on in my post I will discuss America, the left, right, and the inbetweeners. I will try to remain neutral as I expect of those reading this. As some of you might notice from my few posts you might have seen I lean far to the right, but whatever that's not important. And no I'm not admitting or justifying defeat in any way concerning the 2nd amendment, so leave that nonsense out of here.
I really wish i didn't have to post a lengthy, off topic introduction such as this but it has unfortunately become necessary. Anyway on to what I wish to discuss..

After watching a documentary on the sinking of the Titanic, a thought occurred to me: history could repeat itself with The United States of America playing the role of the Titanic
By this I am referring to the way the Titanic is believed to have sunk (striking an iceburgh, taking on water, and breaking in two)
Say, America strikes a proverbial iceburgh (like, but not limited to, the second amendment) anything that the two parties, left and right, stand so firmly opposed on. As tensions grow there are splits in each of these parties which may cause more problems for our boat/country.

These internal problems will cause the boat to sink faster.
Larger iceburghs will definitely cause more problems than smaller ones. So the passengers or citizens are so focused on these internal problems caused by the iceburg that they might not notice smaller matters such as its snowing or there's sharks in the water.
Basically what I'm trying to get at is that through Americas political rifts its being torn apart slowly and may soon split enough to be completely swallowed up by the "ocean" or rest of the world.

Now what could be important in watching is if this rift gets so bad that we need to be brought together as a nation again, against a common enemy, like the affect of the "terror attacks" in 2001, whether it be caused by an actual terror cell or by our own government. Like I said I'm trying to remain neutral so I'm trying to encompass everyone's views.

Looking over what I have spewed forth onto the screen I'm hoping it makes some sense and I'm not just a raving lunatic.
Comments, concerns, questions, flames, what have you, reply please.
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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 01:42 AM
The only thing that comes to mind for me is that on the Titanic everyone knew it was sinking and tried to get off the boat. The boat we are on now has hit so many icebergs and too many people dont believe that it is already sinking, while others are already waiting with their life vests on. The thing is though...the captain of our "ship" is telling everyone to remain calm and let us continue steering the ship and noone wants to go yank the captain out of the chair and take over the "boat". So, how many "icebergs" does it take for the people to take action?
I may be way off but thats my take lol

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 02:03 AM
reply to post by Holidakd

Awesome thread!, I like the link between Titanic and the US. But yeah Titanic was a pretty great movie hehe.
It makes sense nevertheless. Titanic did not have a great ending unfortunately. The state of the US economy is like a blind man juggling whilst running in thin ice. I am currently in Australia, left the UK and its only a matter of time before we get hit. The UK is bad! OZ is declining too!.
For a country or people to be united there must be a common enemy as you say. 'Divide and Conquer' am sure you heard of it?. The elite that run our governments are exactly doing this, at the moment they are dividing us by collapsing the economy so that once that happens, they will just say pick us up and say 'thanx very much' we'll take it from here. The terror attacks of 9/11 were not staged by the president but by those who are behind running the puppet of Obama (W Bush in 9/11), take a look at the black budget and the massive hole they created (all official evidence was destroyed with the WT7 which raised eyebrows). Also many gov officials who were planning to declare this died on an accident (if memory serves correct it was on those airplanes). All coincidence? or it was just unlucky?.
Anyways as with the 2nd amendment, the elite got you exactly where they wanted, they wanted tensions and they want you guys to be divided. Divide and Conquer! If you want to control a large amount of people
1. You ENGINEER/CREATE the problem leading to problems/tensions
2. Depending on the level of tensions you created
a) You bring on a "temporary solution" or
b) You stage another problem (go back to 1 but increase intensity/quantity)
3. Keep bringing 1. and 2. until you for sure created enough tensions that will ultimately lead to DIVISION whilst using the most powerful tool in their arsenal MEDIA and also passing bills/laws under the radar.
4. People will have no choice but accept their (the elite/gov) RADICAL SOLUTIONS

My concern is that the US might be heading towards civil unrest, this is why various US gov deptms have bought so many ammo and weapons (even the weather service!!). This will lead to many deaths (god forbid).

Hopefully this wont happen but failure to prepare, prepare to fail.


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