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(HSSC2) Death is only the begining

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 10:31 AM
It was dusk in the little town of Warsaw. The sun streamed in through Marc Eshleman's window. Marc awoke with a start, today was halloween, his favorite holiday, and this one was going too be the best one yet. Marc went about his routine dressing, showering and brushing his teeth. At 7 'o' clock Marc left his house too get a bite to eat.


This was the most fun Morgan had had in a while. She was dressed up as a witch.( this wasn't hard, because most of her wardrobe was black anyway) She was walking towards town when she past the Eshleman's house. A shiver ran down her spine, she remembered how Marc had gone missing 3 months earlier. She thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye. "It couldn't be," she thought with anxiety. " your eyes are playing tricks on you." There it was again, now she knew that her eyes weren't playing tricks. "Marc, is that you?" Marc seemed too materialize out of the darkness. "Yes Morgan?"
He grinned. This grin was different then the grins she'd seen on his face before. This grin was.... evil, dark and seemed too be seething with hate. His eyes which had usually dancing with mirth and cheer, now were dead, cold spheres of ice that seemed too stare right through you. His teeth which had always been a shade of yellow were now white as snow which shone with such resilance that it made her head spin. He was dressed in what seemed like 15th century clothing, and wore a pentagram necklace.
"You went missing 3 months ago." She said. Marc was advancing on her. " you were presumed dead-" She was cut of by Marc who was even closer. "thats because I was dead, but too quote the Mummy, Death is only the begining." As he approached her he smiled. When he smiled she saw his teeth clearly. She saw two bright white fangs that seemed too lengthen as he approached. "But for you, death will be an end." After saying these words he laughed the darkest most evil laugh possible and lept on her. She felt two sharp pangs in the side of her neck. and then blackness.

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 04:35 PM
Comments and complaints are welcome.

posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 04:40 PM
Nice story kinda short but still scary

can you check out mine HSSC2 The Other Me, and HSSC2 Bloddy Dimension

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