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anti-war/random rant

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 06:50 AM
al-queda was created in the 80's by the cia to fight the russians, also one mans rebel is another mans freedom fighter, you are going to breed hate if your in someone else countries killing uncles, dads and moms and children...imagine if someons came here to "free" us from our government and in the process killing lots of civilians and also taking over our auto industry? people need to wake up, killing leads to more killing, peace leads to more's 2013 we can have peace now, imagine that!
wow, thank you God, Thank YOU

oh yeah 9/11/01 was an inside job/false flag event! so what the heck it makes both afghan and iraq illegal scams!

that would be cool if the military woke up and shut down the real people who did 9/11, we need to special forces to round em up, i'm sure our cia/fbi guys/gals can find out who really did it, make it so!, please..

those fake bin laden videos, remember them?

and how was that cnn guy able to interview bin laden that one day? lol


aaron russo knew someone in on i(9/11)t, hint*, hint*

war is a scam anyways, all wars are for the domination of people, land or resources

also, look at who profits from war, the haliburtons, the drug trade, oil companies, etc.etc.etc...shut that down, lets breed love, creativity, peace...imagine that, imagine all of your needs taken care of and abundance for all...

audit the fed, pay every American 3 million dollars ( or whatever amount they owe us) for being raped and pillaged since the beginning of so called "taxes", infaltion and thievery. then abolish the fed and create a fair money/energy exchange system.

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