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The Art of Explosionism

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posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 08:39 PM
Saw this article and being this is somewhat local to me I figured I would post it to give this guy a little more exposure. That, and I thought it was rather original and all in all, are really cool works of art.

I originally came across the article here: Article - The Art of Explosionism

Andrew Lausman of Lakeland, Florida has created a new genre of art. He calls it "explosionism." As far as I can tell, it involves dipping firecrackers in paint and shooting them at a canvas. A few of his works, which I found on his facebook page, are below. He focuses on space themes — galaxies and nebulae — perhaps because it would be hard to do a still life with flowers using firecrackers.

Lausman's art hasn't allowed him to quit his day job yet. (He's a dental assistant.) But he does have his first exhibition opening this Friday.

From that article there was a link to "The Ledger's" Article (Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas in Polk County newspaper) a little about this guy's story and his art.


By Clifford Parody

Toothbrushes, sticks, fireworks and tubes of colored paint clutter the ground around two busted-up end tables alongside a dead-end dirt road in Lakeland.

The artist, clad in heavily splattered cutoff jeans, hovers over a blank black canvas, searching for the perfect place to start. A flame caresses the fuse of a small, paint-dripped firecracker taped to the end of a stick and seconds later a blast of green strikes the canvas. With that, Andrew Lausman, 24, has begun working on a new piece in a genre of art he has coined “explosionism.”

Lausman, who works as a dental assistant when he is not blowing things up, said he started drawing a lot about 10 years ago but didn't take any traditional art classes after seventh grade.

Pretty good stuff imo

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