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**ALL MEMBERS Please read: Sandy Hook** UPDATED 01/21/2013

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posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 03:12 PM
UPDATE 01/21/2013:

In addition to what's stated below the staff will be moving threads that seek to create scandal from media confusion or hype, seek to imply nefarious intent or deeds from a total lack of information, the misunderstanding of information or, worst of all, the twisting of information to fit a conspiracy theory, into the relatively new Ludicrous Online Lies Forum. We believe this is correct place for these tomes of tumult and fabrication because the only place these horridly unfounded conspiracy theories are being presented is the internet.

We have tried to explain and we have been patient, our patience is at its end. This is the only warning you will receive.

Going forward anyone who posts a thread that seeks to implicate the innocent victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, for any reason, and/or posts any personal information or links to personal information on those people will have their posting privileges restricted and their thread removed without further discussion or warning.

Discussing the utter mishandling of the breaking story by the MSM is one thing, questions about what happened are fine, but, defaming, libeling, or otherwise exposing innocent people, especially those who are still suffering from this tragedy, to further insult or pain is below the base level of compassion we can tolerate.

SkepticOverlord said all that needs to be said right here, PLEASE READ IT.


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