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International Red Cross: Uprisings across Europe to be expected.

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 01:21 AM
Note: as I can't find an English source I've translated this from the article myself. I have tried my best, but it is not an 100% accurate translation, but I will guarantee that the meaning isn't lost. Also, it is worth noting that this is not from a sensational tabloid paper, and that the statements has been confirmed by Danish state radio with comments from the government.

To the Danish newspaper 'Politiken' Yves Daccord, Director-General of the International Red Cross (ICRC) says that popular uprisings are to be expected in the year to come.

'Europe has itself become a crises zone', he says, 'we now see that Red Cross in several countries has to focus much more on domestic poor than the traditional tasks outside Europe.'

He goes on to talk about how the Greek Red Cross is nearing bankruptcy and how the Spanish Red Cross annual collection benefited only Spanish citizens. Around two million Spanish citizens now gets aid from the Red Cross.

Close to 120 million citizens of the European Union now lives in poverty, many of whom until recently were fairly affluent.

'The gap between the need for social welfare and the authorities ability to help is increasing.' Daccord says. He is convinced this development will lead to violent riots.

'Look at the uprisings in Egypt and Tunis. It was more about brad than freedom. When people don't see a way out there is absolutely no doubt that the risk of tensions and violence rise. There is no reason Europe should be spared of that', He says.

Anders Ladekarl, Secretary General of Danish Red Cross, says his organisation has reorganized as a consequence of no longer having he resources to to go out into the world. 'It is no longer viable that we should be able to gather donations for that', He says.

The minister of Danish governments office for affairs of Developing Countries, Christian Friis Bach, shares the concern of the Secretary General and the Director-General.

He gave this comments late last night: 'Red Cross is right that the sudden drop in wealth can lead to unrest. We saw that with the Arab Spring, and we are seeing it now in southern Europe'.

Source in Danish

This of course is more comments based on personal judgement than actual studies, but I don't think we should underestimate the significance of this being from someone whose judgement on the topic is rarely called into question.

I hope I made come across that he seem to see the uprisings if not as certainty then definitely as more likely to occur than not.

I find the non-controversial matter-of-factly feel about the way this news is brought chilling. It's easier to brush off when it come from some Alex Jones type of guy. Anyway, I haven't seen a person of Daccord's stature stating something like this before, so I just wanted to let you see this.
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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 01:45 AM
You're right OP. The straight forward approach of that is chilling. I prefer hyperbole and rhetoric. I know when I see it with that, it's not all that serious to consider. When it's devoid of hype? It's usually dead serious on a thing like this.

It sounds like bad times ahead. I think people can handle being broke, unhappy and even unemployed. People can handle misery. Some thrive on it and even among families, it can be a bonding experience ..although, of course, nothing anyone would ever CHOOSE to live.

.....when hunger is mixed in? TRUE hunger I mean and not the Western concept of 'I didn't get my THIRD square meal of the day..I'm hungry!' but the painful hunger that leads to malnourished sons and daughters parents need to face? We have real unrest and real violence. I can't help but think more and more as things like your OP become more common to see...that time IS actually coming quick. It's hard to believe because it's all changed SO fast.


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