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It's time to wake up! A New Year Resolution we all might want to make.

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posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 09:09 PM
First off I want to wish everyone a Happy and fruitful New Year!

It's been a Long and Precarious year, 2012. None of us was even completely sure we would make it out alive. Come on, admit it... This time last year, we were thinking, 2012! ...Here we go! Now we are here and no one took the time to think this far ahead. 2013 is clean as a whistle so far, I can't think of one thing that I have to NOT look forward to! Well the fiscal cliff, I guess, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about that one for some reason.

I started this thread in order to begin a discussion on the real important issues that have come to light during this last year for me. Some of the little discussed things that really matter. Ideas that seem to be popping up here and there that may be real solutions. I felt it would be a good day to start a discussion like this. In some ways it's just a very vague New Years Resolution that I am suggesting for everyone, with a touch of Dreaminess.

Warning to the weary! It's a bit long winded.

To begin with, I think that as a whole, we are living inside a dream. It starts with family and friends, coworkers, and then the people that you don't know. Mix these relationships together with all of the media and advertising that we get bombarded with constantly. Couple that with stress from work and living, and the terrible situation that we as the human race has gotten himself into. All this together adds up to a life in which most of us react to our world as if it is a video game. We have learned to look at every aspect of life as being static in it's own way. We are living in a dream state.

As a group, we treat each other as if we are not real. We look at our family as husbands or wives, children, aunts uncles, cousins, friends.. with names. We don't look at each other as individual humans each with his own living, breathing realness. We don't look at the life around us as having it's own, love, pain and individual life. We are like the two year old, we think stuff does not exist when we are not looking. We act as if we can wake up and everything will be okay. We act as if we are in a dream. You can see this in every aspect of our lives, from family to politics. Our world has ceased to be solid, and now is a dreamy mess.

The world we have created for ourselves has become too complicated. We have no choice but to dabble in this or that without ever being able to really change our environment. Our reality seems to be a runaway train that is unstoppable. We ask ourselves "What can I do?".

This state that we have found ourselves in is a natural state. We have been here many times before and never really come out of it completely. But this time around it has become a very dangerous state. While we were sleeping we have inadvertently fostered a couple of really bad habits. We have brought in tech advances that have enormous potential, for good as well as bad. Now it has come time to use that technology to advance ourselves into a renewable way of living that is well within our means. Maybe then we can afford to sleep for another couple of thousand years.

It is time to wake up folks. The time for Dreaming is over. Now it is time to deal with the situation we are in. We cannot afford to get sidetracked with menial stuff. The real world does not exist in our media, it exists outside, with the wildlife and the wind and soil. It is in these things that we will find our way into the future in a good way. We must reclaim the real world that has supported us and the rest of life for ever. Everything that we do now, has to be geared towards alerting each other to the impact of our times. It has to be geared towards awareness, alertness, and a speedy recovery from our current situation.

Some here may think that it is too late. I prefer not to think this way.

It may be that we needed to get to this point so that we may advance our species and civilization, now we just need to find a real balance and exploit it for all it's worth. We need to find that free energy source and float above it. It is not in the least out of our control if we just promote certain ideas and lifestyles and push them to the surface, hard. Anything less must become unacceptable. If we just change our perspective a little in the right direction we should be able to overcome anything that the natural world throws at us.

Let's try and promote a science based policy in our government as opposed to a corporation based policy. Very important, it should be one of our main focuses.

We need to focus on turning our brilliant young minds toward solving the problems of our planet, we could do this with a simple video game that was connected to social Media.

It's time we recognize that the soil is our most valuable resource on this planet, and start feeding it and nourishing it and bring it back to a more vibrant health than it has ever been before. This idea could employ 25% of the workers on this planet and still not be enough.

We have to take the advances in health and exploit them to the point where don't need to go to the doctor unless we need our broken bones fixed and stitches put in. This is very possible. if we start attacking it on an individual level the community will follow soon after.

We have to stop taking ourselves and our jobs too seriously. Our ego's run us ragged, we will have so much energy to put towards good, when we wake up. How we treat the earth is how we treat our children, and ourselves. It's our egos that are mostly to blame for us walking around in a dream state.

And we definitely, definitely have to stop responding to trolls, in every way of life, think how much energy we waste on this alone!

Last but not least, we need to hold our governments to these same standards, we cannot accept any less than that from here on out. We have to just plain demand it, in everything we do, starting with ourselves and moving all the way up the chain.

If we do not wake up and save our environment, we will eventually have to live in a bottle, our virtual world will become our only world. Our bodies will be unable to deal with the natural elements of life. We will become alien to our ancestors. Being held together by our own technology and machines, one day we will realize that we have lost the ability to procreate.

I realize that that was maybe a tall order, but the evidence is all around us folks. Maybe this thread will get tossed into the rant bin, i don't know, but I look at it as a hopeless optimist calling for a united new year resolution that we all make in order to try and fix this mess.

Please feel free to join in my rant or add any more New Year Resolutions you think we should make.

Again, Happy New Year!
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posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 09:13 PM
I will do a quick hit and run here.

I do believe we are all here for a reason. For some of us it is due to family. I am here due to my family.

posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by cry93


I'm taking it that when you say family, you mean the whole human family, right? That's definitely a good way to sum it all up. I'll go with your hit and run.

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