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My New Years Resolution Is To Be More "Green" (read self sufficient)

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posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 09:22 PM
I am making my new years resolution this year to be the pursuit of being more green and more self sufficient. I have made minor preparations on a small scale, but I think this is the year for me to step it up a little and be more self reliant.

My first order of energy independence is going to be the installation of a wood burning stove. I already have a fireplace which is good if the power goes out, and quiet nights with my better half, but it does not really serve the purpose that I would like it to. I would like to put in a stove that I can not only use as a heat source, but also as a cook top in the event of a power outage. Something maybe like the old school kettle style stoves.

To compliment this I plan to start harvesting downed trees with a friend for my heat source so that I do not have purchase my heat, and I will be using wood that would otherwise go to waste. I figure this way if need be I can also supplement my income by selling off some of the excess wood that we split and stack. So that would benefit me in two ways.

My second order is I plan on looking into a decent solar power setup. Nothing super fancy, but something that would be sufficient to keep my power fix satisfied if the need should arise. I already have a source for some used batteries that I can put into a battery bank, they are the large 24 volt ones that are used in golf carts and the like. I have seen kits at harbor freight, and menards for a few hundred bucks. I think this may be one that I start out with.

My third order is to put in a stab hand pump well. I have always wanted to put one in, I have just never gotten around to doing it. It would come in very handy for the garden as well as if the power were to go out. I have the plans already drawn up for the area that I believe will be the best spot to put one on my property, not I just have to put the back breaking labor into it.

My fourth order, and this one is my toughest sell, is getting a chicken coup. My problem here is my better half is an extreme animal protector to the point that she would turn vegetarian if it weren't for me. I would like the chickens not only for eggs, but also obviously for meat as well. This is where the tough sell comes in. She does not want me under any circumstances to butcher any of the chickens if I do this. Now to get my initial setup I think I may pick my battles and take this as a win just to get the coup installed and fight the bigger battle later if need be. I think if the situation arose where we needed the meat she may change her mind after a couple of missed meals.

This is the start of my new years resolution. I will obviously be doing more, but this will be the start. I already have a nice sized garden, and I planted some fruit trees last year as well as grapes, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

Any constructive input as to other projects to help me along the way would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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