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posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 08:19 PM
"Today I saw a beautiful old painting with the mark of time on it with the layers of watercolor that the artist left it on canvas.

Those layers of colors are the Echoes of Time because it gives that unique shade that defines the artist and his art."


They say that echo is about sound but everything has an Echo.

The echo of Life is Love because I can hear Life growing everywhere around me.The cry of Life is Desire because Life desires to Live.

The echo of Time is the Future because time can hear the future from a distant Past just like a picture that we keep to see another day.

The echo of Light is shine because "Shine" can hear how the Light calls the Colors that...are shining.

The echo of the water is the wave that hits the shore leaving his memory in the sand by returning back in the sea with his unmistakable sound.

The Echo of your thought is your memory because we remeber the Time with his echo in the Future and your thought travel to me because I heard your call from that future.

The echo of the Day is Night because in the night we can hear a wind of whispers echoing the day.

The echo of the Moon is the tide because tide give to the waves power to have a memory.

The echo of our heart is the heart beat because we can hear it all the time and we want to never stop but even when it stops the echo of our heart still can be heard.

The echo of the question is the answer because one question can have many answers.

Only the Truth has no echo because no one has yet cried the truth.

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