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A conversation with my self through poem

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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 01:41 PM
[align=center]The first memory of us from when you scratched me

I was much to young then to have even known

But things are different now

I have grown

All because I tasted your food?

Why did that put you in a sour mood?

You knew the cheese could make us wine like a baby

I believe that ~ this is what you forgot ~ and remembered my deer

We drank from your glass until our parents could hear

Now that the call has been made

[color=8316E0]ONE will appear

Remember the games we played as a child?

Try to get the cheese outta this trap my little mouse

This time we will play in your little house ~ A house made of cards

to fall

Because none of those cards hold any true value after all

Our family works to[color=8316E0]Gether through thick and thin

Even through someone who isn't kin



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