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K.E.I.: The Tri-fold Path to Salvation

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posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 03:09 PM
An atonement for my past "Sin"; this has not been proof read. If there is any vagueness, typos, errors, etc. please post the problem area and I will fix it as my schedule allows:

I. Preface
II. Introduction
III. What is Salvation?
IV. Mankind’s Progression- A Brief Analysis
V. The One Percent Club- Who really matters?
VI. The Principles of K.E.I.
VII. Situational Application
VIII. Conclusion

I.) Preface: The document you are about to read is the first installment of a two part manual providing it’s reader with a metaphorical “compass” and “map” to a truly successful life. The “compass” of that manual is this document, “K.E.I: The Tri-fold Path to Salvation” and the “map” is the second installment entitled “The Six Spheres of D.A.A.G.E.M.”.

Proper use of the “compass” alone will result in life changing alterations to the reader’s life; such as assisting them to their telos (or purpose) without infringing upon individual pre-existing beliefs or personal preferences. It does not matter if you are a Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Christian, Satanist (LaVeyian or Theistic), Agnostic, etc.; this document can assist you in accomplishing your personal endeavors.

Again, this document takes no particular religious stance and so, to suit the purposes of the author, it assumes that there is no god, aliens, multi-dimensional reptilians, faith or “miracles” and that the universe is an entity that is indifferent to your actions and of humanity as a whole. Whether you, the reader, believe in any of those or not is irrelevant; it will not affect your reading or comprehension of the concepts contained wherein.

You may find that what is laid out in this document is wisdom that you have already known and to that the author responds: You have---even if you only have registered it subconsciously. One of the main goals of this document is to illuminate the principles contained within the dark depths of your subconscious and insert them into the forefront of your conscious mind to serve as beacons of light; guiding you during your individual journey on this planet.

Even if this goal is realized and you do keep these protocols in your mind, you must never forget that mental concepts which are readily learned are not easily applied. It is imperative to not only know, but to apply these principles in all aspects of your life. For what good is the strongest sword in battle if the wielder never draws it?

II.) Introduction: This document is designed to put forth a “new” model of thinking that will demonstrate to its reader, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the true “path to salvation” for each and every individual human being on the planet.

After discussing the intended meaning of “Salvation”, analyzing the progression of mankind from an evolutionary and individual standpoint then putting forth the principles of this model, those will then be applied to show, practically, how it works. The author of this document strongly encourages its reader to decide for them self whether or not this model accurately portrays that which it is intended to; using the scenarios given or any other situation that the reader can think of.

posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 03:09 PM
III.) What is Salvation?: The concept of salvation, in the traditional religious sense, refers to a human being ultimately being saved from harm, or destruction, by means of adhering to certain principles or commands that are outlined in whatever specific religious doctrine that any particular religion places their faith in. These views can range from the downright ridiculous assertion that societies must habitually ritually sacrifice human blood to empower the Sun, lest it falter and destroy the world (as was the case with the ancient Central American civilization of the Aztec) to the more respectable, and less bloody, following of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism (Which, if followed, promise to alleviate the suffering one endures while on this planet).

That said, it should be noted that it is not the purpose of this document to focus of matters of the metaphysical or spiritual (which would be beyond my remit to begin with), but to provide the reader with a more directly observable, and practical, approach to “salvation” in their current life on earth; not existence afterward. That is to say that as many aspects that there are to human existence, there are that many paths to either “salvation” or “damnation”. It is perfectly possible to be “saved” in one aspect of one’s life yet be “damned” in another.

For example, in the realm of personal finance, “salvation” would be akin to becoming financially secure and accruing a substantial amount of monetary reserves that exceed the amount needed for daily survival and allows you to not only get that which you need (Water, Food, Shelter, Clothing) but also the things that you want (exotic cars, gourmet food, vacations, etc.) in relation to your personal desires. To contrast, financial “damnation” would be the dialectical opposite: not being financially secure and not having enough monetary reserves to meet daily survival; let alone being able to acquire your wants.

Now, before we get into the principles of K.E.I., it is worth taking a look at the human race from past to present and analyzing it from a macrocosmic standpoint then a microcosmic one to see how they relate to one another, and later, the principles themselves.

IV.) Mankind’s Progression- A Brief Analysis: To the intelligent mind, it is an easily observable fact that contemporary humanity, as a whole, has advanced in a variety of different ways, and a diverse number of disciplines, than its evolutionary predecessors. From automobiles to computers, modern Homo sapiens truly stand “head and shoulders” above not only the Neanderthal, Homo erectus and Homo heidelbergensis of distant antiquity, but also the other Homo sapiens of the more recent past; whose relatively primitive tools and methods of travel have long since become obsolete in every modern society in Earth.

From a macrocosmic standpoint, if one were to imagine the entire human race as two separate entities in both past and present form, one would be hard pressed to say that neanderthalithic, or even relatively ancient, entity could even come close to measuring up to what the modern entity is. In terms of overall intelligence, scientific knowledge, technology, living standards, agricultural development, etc. the contemporary entity is so far beyond the ancient one that to compare the two side by side is unfair. For example, imagine that the earth was split into two parts, a bi-pangea if you will, with the modern humanity and all of its current technologies/tools on one side and the humans of old, with their “technologies” and tools, on the other. Now if these two sides waged war with each other, is there any doubt who would win?

Even an inexperienced military strategist would know that contemporary version would win hands down, but the question that must be asked is: How? Not how would they win, as it should be obvious, but how did this version become what it was in such a relatively short time period?

Any analyst can see that there has been an accelerated and varied amount of technological and scientific advancements within the last 150 years (which is less than 1% of the total amount of time the human species has existed; which is quite a phenomenal feat for a species that spent the last hundreds of thousands of years with relatively little progress in those same realms) so the question must be asked, how is such rapid advancement possible? Maybe the insight can be had from taking a look at the only people who have made an impact on history.

posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 03:10 PM
V.) The One Percent Club- Who really matters?: Forget “Occupy Wall Street”; truth be told, even though the human race as a whole has experience incredible advances over the years, the development of the human race has come down to a relatively small number of individuals. Excluding the physical and metaphysical “Butterfly Effect”, if one took every person who invented, wrote, fought for, created or used their own original brilliant idea for something that allowed the human race to move forward to where it is currently, 99% of all humanity would be excluded from that list.

Using one influential society as an example, take a second and think of how many ancient Greek philosophers, rulers, senators, famous generals, etc. that you know. Now think about how many Greeks potentially existed within that same time period. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that less than 1% of Greeks who existed during that time period had any major impact on the whole course of Greek history and that most Greeks who lived during that time period simply did not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Such is the same with humanity on a larger scale; “As Above, So Below” so to speak. Small beings of light who’ve used their will and changed the course of history for “good” or for “evil”, stand above the masses who have squandered their will and done nothing but insignificant things with their lives. Here is a higher wisdom of the universe: choosing to do “good” or “bad” does not matter, so long as you maximize your abilities and bring your inherent latent potential to fruition. Both paths will lead you “home”.

Going off topic for a bit and this will offend some but, it needs to be said, the great German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler should be exalted as a man who used his abilities to the maximum amount that he could to achieve the goals he set for himself; a role model of sorts. Sure, his actions brought great pain to many people but, at the same time the purpose of life is not to avoid pain or death, but to maximize to utilize your talents in a way that maximizes your potential. The universe does not care how you unlock your potential, so long as you do it.

If you followed the twin roads of “light” and “darkness” far enough, eventually you would find that they both lead to the same end. Just as Mother Teresa, who lived a life of service to others, met the same fate as Kim Jong il, the recently departed dictator that ruled North Korea with a selfish and uncompassionate iron fist for over a decade. What was that fate that they both met, and shared of, eventually: Death. Just like regardless of what your goals are, if you maximize your potential in the process of trying to achieve them, you will meet the same fate as someone who maximized their potential with the opposite goals of yours but the fate is not as important as the journey to the maximization of your potential. But to maximize it you must pick a road. Do not be like the Ignavi of Dante’s Inferno; that is the sure path to stagnation and, consequently, “damnation”.

Now, if you look at the many achievements that Adolf Hitler had such as writing an internationally famous novel (Mein Kampf), taking over a country, defeating many other countries and coming close to defeating the most powerful nations of the world, can you not say he was one of the greatest humans who ever existed? Who among you can say that you have also achieved such feats or greater?

To dialectically contrast, the American Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is also a man who used his talents to the maximum degree that he could to achieve the goals he set for himself, such as famously using a completely non-violent movement that helped, to a greater degree, end the overt and blatant segregation/racism that plagued the people of his skin tone during the time that he lived. He is also a role model from the books of history. From Gengis Khan to George Washington, Hypatia to Albert Einstein, to say that these human beings did not utilize their talents to the maximum ability that they could to achieve their goals is preposterous. Point blank, no matter what “atrocities” they committed, belong to an elite club of the greatest achievers humanity has ever witness—“The One Percent Club”.

To drive this point home, that “good” and “evil” actions are, in the universal grand scheme of things, meaningless just consider what would have happened if Great Britain would have won the Revolutionary War. The current historical narrative would have been altered and the “hero” George Washington would either have been erased from the history books or, mostly likely, be currently condemned as one of the most traitorous, ruthless, evil human beings of all time and Benedict Arnold would have been a “hero”. How many British did Washington and his followers’ slaughter? It is victory that separates Hitler from Washington; who can deny that if Hitler had of won World War Two, and his regime stayed in power until this day, that he would currently be openly heralded was one of the greatest men of all time?

I digress. Going back to the topic and hand, the question must be asked: Is there some set of principles that allowed these advancements and achievements to come to fruition? And if so, could these same principles, which worked so well macrocosmically on humanity as a whole, be used today on a microcosmic level to better the lives of human individuals in general? Not only is the answer “Yes”, but it is being used by the people who not only molded the past, but also the ones who currently shape our future.
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posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 03:11 PM
VI.) The Principles of K.E.I.: If you analyze the actions of the human race and the members the "One Percent Club" (The super achievers of humanity) and how they became what they were, you will realize that it came down to three things: Knowledge, Experience and Introspection. It is these three tools that make up the “compass to salvation”. They are separate yet intertwined, each building on the other ones to give the seeker the complete picture of that which they wish to obtain. Utilized individually they are useless but when put together, they are the path to the light—the path to achieving your goals.
1.) Knowledge: Most people have no idea what knowledge means or even what it is; they believe it is some vague concept that is hard to describe. It is not. “Knowledge” simply refers to the acquisition of one or more mental images, concepts or principles into an individual or collective mind from one or more sources. That definition in mind, it is easy to see why the constantly acquiring knowledge, or new mental images, concepts and principles, is crucial to “salvation” because without it, stagnation is enviable. How can one move towards saving themselves if they are standing still?

As a keen observer would realize, the one thing that the members of the” One Percent Club” have in common is that they had knowledge in a variety of subjects. To use one example from earlier, the great American President George Washington was a great writer, entrepreneur, leader, military strategist and engineer. Without first the knowledge he needed about each of these different disciplines, he would have never succeeded in any of them. Much is the same with you, in your individual life.

To excel and maximize your potential in any given subject you must first dedicate yourself to learning as much about the subject as you possibly can and plan how you’re going to use the knowledge you have obtained to execute your goal. But once you do that you cannot stay in that paradigm, you must move forward to actually putting that plan into action; you must move on to the second principle: You must experience it.

2.) Experience: Again, much like the word knowledge, there is a great misconception of what “Experience” actually is. Some people seem to hold the notion that to experience something just means seeing it, reading about it or even imagining yourself doing it. From a logical standpoint these notions are ridiculous. Think about it, is reading about or seeing someone else scuba dive the same as actually doing it? Believe me, it is not. No, the real truth about experience lies in actually, physically, doing that which you are trying to experience. Not only that, but applying knowledge to a situation and experiencing that situation numerous times are what hone expertise.

For example, Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician and religious leader, learned from a wide variety of sources the knowledge that was used to formulate his famous esoteric theory of the Music of the Spheres. He would not have been able to do so had he just learned from his teachers and just left it at that. No, to do so he had to actually apply the things he learned over the course of his life and experiences the trials that inevitably wait on the path to success.

Do you think Pythagoras would have made a difference in the world had he just been taught about mathematics but took no action to further his learning himself? The reason why he became the great mathematician that he did was because not only did he have a plan, but he actually took the necessary steps and sacrifices to realize that plan and it is that which is what makes him a human role model; same as George Washington, same as Gandhi, same as Joseph Stalin. Even so, just knowledge and experience together are not what caused these men to have the success that they had but those two combined with introspection did.

3.) Introspection: The final, and arguably most important, element of this “compass” is called Introspection. Not as misused as the previous two, “Introspection” is normally referred to as the self-examination of one’s conscious thoughts and feelings. Of course that definition blatantly leaves out the most important aspect of one’s life: Their actions. The true purpose of introspection is to use one’s mind to analyze ones actions in relation to their goals and come up with actionable solutions to put an end to any action that causes one to deviate from those goals.

From an objective standpoint it does not matter if your goal is to help invade a country or help defend it, as long as you develop your personal abilities and apply them to your goals you have succeeded. The only way to make sure your using the knowledge you learned to achieve those goals is to apply introspection to your life and analyze where you are at in relation to your goals, where you need to be and what do you need to do to get there.

Going back to Pythagoras, even though he learned the knowledge that he did from his many mentors and applied it to his work, that would have meant nothing had he not of used introspection to fix the inevitable problems that occurred during his philosophical and mathematical ventures. Even more fundamental than that, to even get to the point where he could devise the great things he did, he had to fight off the “Shadow” aspects that we all contain within us; the apathy, procrastination, laziness, greed, fear, etc.

Being physically active in this aspect of life will be of little use here. The only way to combat those psychological issues is to use introspection to sort them out and come up with solutions to get past them. i.e. reviewing your actions and devising a plan that will help you achieve your goals instead of falling prey to the “Shadow” contents of your psyche. Now, to start wrapping things us, let’s put these three concepts in the context of the microcosmic individual human and macrocosmic evolutionary growth of humanity as a whole.
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posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 03:16 PM
VII.) Situational Application: From the microcosmic viewpoint, could anyone deny that one of the main reasons why there has been such acceleration in the advancement of mankind is because of the amount of knowledge that is openly available today? In the past, the common people of the world did not receive much, if any, education as it was reserved for the “elite” and “royalty” of those times. In fact, most of the people from antiquity who became famous achievers usually came from well off families, like Pythagoras, Hypatia and George Washington did. The ramification of such a thing is disturbing. Can you imagine how many Pythagoras-type humans never got to cultivate their abilities because the knowledge that they needed to do so was hidden away from them because their parents couldn’t afford it? Such is one of the great travesties of mankind.

Even still, the ones who did cultivate their talents are the ones who utilized the knowledge that they learned and turned that knowledge into experience using their actions. Not only that, but to further optimize their experiences and become better they used introspection to hone those experiences in create new knowledge to further turn into more experiences and yet more introspection. The cyclical nature of this cycle ensured their success, as it ensures yours; if you can do it. Not only did it ensure theirs, it helped humanity as a whole progress out of the wilderness and into the cities that it inhabits today.

If one were to take a glance at humanity from a macrocosmic standpoint and go back to the earlier question of how did the human race evolve from where it was, with zero technology and no previous knowledge to go off of, to where it is now, tons of technology and an ever-increasing knowledge base to go off of, is the answer not obvious? The path did not start with knowledge but with experience and introspection. Humans of old simply did not have the same consciousness humans have now and, since that was so, even the ability to introspect was amazing. But once the “One Percent Club” of the humans of old started introspecting and thinking of new ways to improve their situation, that’s how things got to where they are now.

Never forget that it took millions of years of humans gaining knowledge, acting on that knowledge (experiencing), thinking about their actions and how to improve upon them (introspection) to get to where they are today. This was, literally, the macrocosmic mental evolution of mankind. As much will be the same with you. If you decide to use these principles to better yourself as an individual, it will not take place overnight. This is a long path that will require much thought, reading, observing and, above all, action. Like Rome, Pythagoras, George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and all of the other super achievers of the world were not built in one day; and neither shall you be. It will take years, if not decades, to achieve all of the goals you set for yourself and exact your values on the world. Can you do it?

posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 03:17 PM
VIII.) Conclusion: In conclusion, the “Path to Salvation” on this planet is one of achieving your goals, exacting your personal values, making your mark on the world as you see fit and achieving your goals. The “Compass” to doing so, on a macro and microcosmic level, is to utilize knowledge, experience and introspection, as not only humanity as a whole has done but as the greatest achievers of the human race have done up until this very day.

To you, the reader, I ask, what have you done to achieve your goals? Do you even have goals? If so, how has sitting here browsing some random forum helped you to achieve those goals, maximize your potential and live a successful life? Are you even successful? Don’t bash Adolf Hitler for achieving his goals if all you do is work a mediocre job, are out of shape, eat unhealthy fattening food and have no realistic plan to achieve the life that you want; let alone actually putting that plan into action. He achieved his goals as far as he could; if you have not then do you honestly know what that means? It means that Adolf Hitler, leader of the Third Reich, was a better human being than you. More skilled than you are and with more achievements than you have. Don’t like it? Do something about it.

Some people say that “everyone is the same” and that “nobody is better than anybody else”. Such a concept is that mantra of weaklings and nobodies. To use the typical American grading system, there are “A”, “B’”, “C”, “D” and “F” people all over the planet and anything less than an “A” should be unacceptable.

Here is how to be an “A” human being: First you create a specific number of goals yourself and assess the difficulty of those goals (i.e. how easy would it be for someone to achieve the goal you just set for yourself? You will never be an “A” human being if your only goal is to be a homeless man and watch T.V. all day long when not scavenging for food. ) The harder the goal, the harder you have to work to achieve it and the more you will grow during the process. Set your sights as high as you can and go for it. Keep track of where you are in relation to your goal and make sure you analyze for any potential “roadblocks” that would stop you from achieving it. Just keep completing as many tasks as you can until you die; that’s all I will say about that.

To become an “A” you must utilized knowledge, experience and introspection to make the most out of your potential and succeed in all aspects of your life. Good luck.


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