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Paper can't stomach either Bush, Kerry

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posted on Oct, 25 2004 @ 11:32 PM

That's the choice the Detroit News is making this year when it comes to the race for the White House.

In a stinging rebuke on both President Bush and Democrat John Kerry, the editors of the paper say they, like many Americans, are agonizing over the presidential election.

Four years ago, the choice was clear. We endorsed George W. Bush based on his promises of fiscal conservatism, limited government and prudence in foreign affairs.

Today, we sadly acknowledge that the president has failed to deliver on those promises.

At the same time, we are fearful of the approaches to government advocated by the Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, because they are at odds with the conservative vision of government that has long shaped this newspaper's editorial positions.

Yes, Detroit News, the option is clear: Libertarian. Give us a chance and we will not let you down. We empower the individual, by giving away the federal government's power. We will give you better quality of life, by giving you back your hard earned money. You will be free, and the shackles of your oppression will be released. You will no longer be a leaflet of paper, you will be you. And you will be able to be happy because you can pursue your dreams. We take away your dependency on a strange, forbidding entity, and give you back your own responsibility.

Vote Badnarik.


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