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Australias new China driven boom is tourism. Boom boom!

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 06:16 PM

Chinese visitors are lifting an Australian tourism industry as a local currency that’s gained 55 percent in the past four years against the U.S. dollar and 43 percent against the pound causes British and American arrivals to stagnate. The emergence of China’s middle class is forcing tour operators to adapt to a clientele whose numbers are mushrooming five times faster than the overall growth in visitors.

Some in Australia are concerned that our resources boom is winding down. Prices have come back and Chinese demand is not what it was at the height of the boom. Having said that, mining is still, and will remain an important sector of Australias economy, especially with the new uranium deals we are securing.

But I think the future is tourism. Australia is in the perfect position being just below China. More Chnese come to live in Australia than people from any other country and the Chinese are starting to drive our tourism industry. Australia is a very beautiful and awesome place. The Chinese will continue to come here in droves. Australia is the obvious destination for the cashed Chinese to spend all their money.

Having China as a friend and neighbour makes Australia a boom boom economy. We will boom all through the asian century.

I am glad that Australian politicians have understood that China is Australias future. The recent 'white paper' on the Asian Century took the wrong tone in my opinion though. I think Australia is still arrogant in relation to China in much the same way the Australian Government is arrogant when dealing with places like Fiji, Tonga, Samoa. We must avoid sounding like Imperial America. Doing this will win us no friends.

Instead of a 'white paper' discussing ways that Australia can exploit the rise of China to our own advantage, I think we need a more friendly tone. Especially with China. Australia should be seeking outcomes that are mutually benificial and I think the best way for that to happen is to continue strengthening our friendship. China must feel as though we are helping them , not exploiting them. Australia has already made many mistakes in the last few years due to our relationship with America which has strained our friendship with China. As America fades away, I dont see any other speed bumbs threatening Australias friendship with China. We need to work more closely with China and ask them how we can help.

Arrivals in Australia reached a record high in the 12 months to Oct. 31, driven by a 16.1 percent jump in Chinese tourists, according to the bureau. New Zealand visitors rose 3.2 percent, U.K. tourists dropped 6.2 percent and U.S. guests gained 3.8 percent. “The whole industry in Australia is in transition from west to east,” Andrew McEvoy, managing director of Tourism Australia, said in an interview in Sydney.

It is not just the Tourism Industry that is in transition from West to East. Im glad Australia is the beast from the east. The West is the bankrupt side of the world. Australia is perfectly positioned to rise and rise through the Asian Century. The future is bright in the east.
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