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New Conspiracies - Libraries discovered to be involved in brainwashing -Big Oil, A Violation of your

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 11:17 AM
Recently at the local library here in this town. I tried to connect to but found out that I was blocked.

The administrators did not give any reason for the block.

I then tried to access some websites to convert a few web pages into PDF so I could read them offline. Those websites were also blocked.

I then relised that the library is in fact a Fascist Nazi establishment that is purposely blocking individuals who access such sites that they do not want a person to view on their own laptop. Granted I can see porn and other sites like that but a gaming network to game on? Websites dedicated to allow you to convert a webpage to PDF document fo viewing offline? Get real. These librarians win the Adam Lanza Award for delusional and sociopathic individuals who hate the freedoms that everyone has around them because they are bullies and think that they should only have access to all information.

This got me to thinking why they would block such webisites such as which hosts a game called Homeworld. The game revolves around space and space exploration. Which above all else puts a persons thoughts above such lowly librarians where they being dominatrix' want everyone to be below them so they will instead check out a book in which the information about the book can be 'secretly' dimseminated into the community where the other idiots then take bits and pieces of the book that is read to harass the reader with because it is not viewed by the community as appropriate reading even though such literature is still present in the library.

Basically they are saying you can read that but if what you read is not what the community wants you to believe in then you will be harassed until you read what they want you to read.

The issue with the PDF is also easy to see through. When I create a PDF of a website I can take the website or webpage home with me and read offline on my laptop. Without having the ability to convert the webpage into a pdf to read later on I would have to return to the library to read the webpage at a later time thus making me spend more money in gas, imagine that Big Oil involved, and possibly even spending money to print the webpage or webpages off which makes money for the library.

So basically this "Village" library is forcing library users to print off webpages so that it puts money into their pockets because they are not making enough money through fines and fees.

The last time that I checked a library is operated from taxes and state funds and is not in the business of making money. So by specifically denying certain websites that make it able to convert a web page to PDF the library is forcing patrons to print their webpages off one so that the librarians can look back through the information that has been printed so the thought police of the community can determine if what the person has printed off and is reading is allowed by the community as well as forcing patrons to pay for the printing service.

I thought librarians were supposed to be smart and intelligent...not bullies who think they can control what people read and determine what people in the community should think about.

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 12:08 PM
Ummm.... Almost everything used in Government from the White House to the Criminal Justice system and your local Court House is run on PDF format. PDF and a couple others....but if you don't have PDF or can't figure it out? Well...The Government still needs pooper scoopers for their mounted patrols in the Capital.

^^ The point is, blocking PDF conversion access in it's own right makes no sense at all ? It's also getting outrageous to think the library has anyone savvy enough AND with enough time to devise filtering to block just those sites and ..say...not one designed to simply explain the history of converting PDF from another format.

I've dealt with this headache as nauseum in my own Son's computer and it's a nightmare. How do you block what you WANT to block when that WILL block large %;'s of everything else too? Imagine one example with "Pussy Riot" and the Russian issues with their being arrested and sent to the Gulags for reeducation. Technically, "Pussy Riot" had absolutely NOTHING to do with a part of the Female anatomy. Just passing relation by name right?

To an adaptive traffic filter? EVERY SINGLE news service that carried their proper band name became a sexually oriented website that needed immediate block and ban under the rules of an adaptive filter the level a Librarian would know to program one anyway.

Personally OP, your pissed and that's good.... Tyranny by STUPIDITY is no better than Tyranny by deliberate design. I'd ask your librarian for an explanation. In fact, your tax dollars pay for that building and everything in it. I wouldn't ask, I'd politely, firmly DEMAND. If they couldn't, I'd demand HER boss to explain why perfectly innocent sites are being caught in their Super-Net-Nanny Filtering....and if NO ONE can explain it? Tell them to hire someone that understands HOW content filtering WORKS ....and DOES NOT work. Sounds like a pack of idiots, not Nazis in this case.

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 01:04 PM
likely the game uses allot of bandwidth so they block things because they don't want one person coming into the library to play computer games which is not what the purpose of the library is and keep other people from being able to do homework or research because the internet is to slow...

The library has to make money to stay open its not fully paid for by the government, so why cant they charge people to print things thats one of the only sources they have to upgrade their systems, buy new books, dvd's, ect..

If you don't like it buy a computer and printer, problem solved.

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 01:17 PM
They used to control information by not having certain books available. They don't carry books that could be accidentally be read by 8 year olds, shocking their parents and getting a librarian chewed out. Consumers of certain books and genres can be scary people. Just imagine if there was a "porn" section in the dewey decimal system. Librarians can't handle that, putting those volumes back on the shelf. It's practically a biohazard.

Let's example with a hazardous book: I can't find the Anarchist's Cookbook in my library. Now I don't believe in it, but maybe I want to know what a dangerous mind reads. I wanted to read it because I knew someone who read it. Maybe I want to know what the fringe groups are up to. Maybe I have a paper to write. Maybe I'm tempering my morality by exposing myself to hypothetical situations. Maybe my country, hypothetically, is in the middle a real problem and to survive I have to wire something properly to use it right against a real enemy that wants to hurt me.

What is their logic behind keeping it out of reach? Historically people who read the practical stuff practice it. They experiment, they test the system. Parents get upset and blame the librarian for exposing their brat psycho son when he goes out, tries something, and gets arrested. Knowledge is power, and power can be dangerous and a competitive threat to people already in power. Reading those books are like eating chicken that's undercooked; you have to have a good immunity to immorality to read it. Libraries don't want people getting sick off their stuff. Libraries usually are city properties with generic responsibilities toward the public.

You won't find the unpopular stuff in a library because it's a kid-safe environment. Family safe; the nanny-programs on the computer block adult buzzwords. It all depends on how old and how cranky and retentive the head librarian is. The local one is pretty strict; I don't blame her because the computer users I have seen are finding photos of underage cheerleaders and getting disgusting in public. Who wants to use that computer, and the chair, after he's done with it? Not me. Some things are best left for home reading only.

posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by Sandalphon

Just to interject something in my own experiences..... Being the naturally curious and naturally developing boy I was in my teens....I must say I found the self-help section of the library something close to an adult bookstore ...if one knew what titles to look for.
Of course, that was before the Internet had formed from BBS systems and anything short of flying nuns in a gang bang with purple dotted midgets AND their little dogs was probably too tame to interest people. Times change hard in some ways eh?

As far as Anarchists Cookbook and Jolly Roger's to name a couple publications I have myself in archives...Umm... Why would we ever want to see that on a library shelf? I don't object to their LEGAL availability and Paladin Press has fought some enormous legal fights to keep it that way. ...however... What isn't there to teach a kid how to kill others in very creative ways sure to kill the person attempting to make it in VERY VERY creative ways. Sometimes I think the authors of some of that had it in for the readers a whole lot more than who it may be meant to hurt by them.

Personally? Some Anarchists Cookbook and the good 'ol Jolly Roger take effort to find and get and it needs to be that way. Just my two cents on the need for some limits, depending on venue it's being offered in.

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