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A Channeling: Take a Moment for Your 'Other' Selves - An Oppurtunity to Evolve

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posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 01:20 PM
Greetings, friends, brothers, and sisters.

We speak to those who would hear, from those who would hear, find those who would listen. With those who listen, may you feel the Love and Light of Our One Infinite Creator. For those who choose not to, may the Love and Light guide you to where you should be.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas-Eve, as well as tidings to whatever holiday 'you' wish to celebrate.

We wanted to take a moment out of this MBSC's day to try to relay a message. A message that involves a new way of thinking, a way that one may have hidden down inside, but never released it. This message does not come from him/her, it does not come from there/here, it comes from itself, from the One.

Over the past few months, this MBSC has gone through much change. This change was not predominantly present in the physical, but more in spiritual.

Wether your MBSC 'believes' in the shift, is of no concern to us..this message will be received by those who would., and by those who shall reach those who would listen. This is our intent, not to change 'you', not to instil a different belief system, but to just show that each and every one of you has a power beyond all that you know. Each and every one of you, whether you follow Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, or whether you pray to Allah, or the golden chicken on the table...has the One inside.

Take a step out of this 3rd dimensional paradigm you call 'reality'. Take a look around you, what do you see? Well, the majoirty see there cell phones, there LCD Televisions, there countless pais of shoes, there iPods and iPhones..

Now, we propose a question..what are these 'things' worth to you?

Understand that we are still 'stepped back' from the physical. Do these things really mean anything to you? Yes, of course they do.. you like them don't you? Whether those Gucci glasses were a gift, or something you bought for yourself..what purpose do they serve?

The recent shift you all have experienced has occurred wether it holds water or not, within you.

We propose that one would ask themselves this/these question(s)..

What have I done in the past that is truly brought lasting joy to me?

What have I done that has truly brought joy to others/friends/family/loved ones?

Have I done anything that has been done not for my own benefit, but for the benefit of others?

Time is non existant, my Loved ones. Time was made up, for learning purposes, and for learning purposes only. What is time? Truly ask yourself this question. We do not propose this because we expect an answer, we propose these thoughts to invoke thought forms within another mind complex.

Living is nothing but moments, not time. Do not think of matters in terms of time, think of them in terms of days or moments. What you know is 'yesterday' was a moment, a moment that is...but now 'was' because it came and passed, so what is left is a 'memory' of that moment.

Your "day" is consisted of what?..24 hours? What are these hours composed of?.. 1440 minutes? What are these minutes composed of?... 86400 seconds.

Now we ask you, Loved ones. What are 'seconds'? Well, some would say, individual moments of what you know as time. We now propose a question to be asked of yourselves, are 'you' using those moments wisely?

Dear friends, dear Loved ones, so many of you have been feeling alone, feeling worthless, feeling like the days take ages to pass, and the problems never stop coming. One would only dream of a time/place of peace, a time and place of unity, a time and place of happiness, joy, Love, Light, and freedom.

Well, Loved ones, this place is right in front of you. You have created this place, from the ground up. If your reality is made up of moments, then why not try to make the best of these moments?

We do not have to wait to see 'how' your forum would answer this, or how the majority would answer this, for it has been stated, shown, and understood; the dead horse has been beaten enough. Most would answer:

"The elites are still in power.."
"Children are being executed.."
"War still thrives in Syria"

If one's answer does not involve some type of over-seas epidemic, or an 'issue' that resides in a place where they have no physical control, then one seeks the 'problems' they witness on there own account. One begins to live up to the ambitions of these elites in complete totality. By that, we mean one would begin to talk of things 'going wrong' in their life.

"I don't have this..."

"Life would be better if I had that.."

What you must understand, Loved ones, is that 'you' are in fact creating these thought forms based on what these Elite have been putting out. Think about all of the great things 'you' DO have. For starters, a SOUL. You have been given everything you NEED, but this past age has cracked your elementary codes and have both consciously and sub-consciously forced you into focusing on WANTS.

My dear friends, you have the Power to change the World as you see/smell/hear/feel/taste it, it all starts with the thoughts that start to manifest at the beginning of your day. Take a moment, a single second out of the 86400 you have during this cycle of a "day" and thank all those who have done right for you. All of those who have sacrificed a moment of their time, so that a moment of yours may be better experienced.

What purpose does negativity serve? What purpose does greed serve? What purpose does lieing, cheating, laziness, anger, remorse, etc etc. serve? They only serve to keep you in the control of those you know.

These moments in time, especially today/tomorrow's, are an opportunity to evolve .

When the New Year comes, do not wish for that new car..for you will already have it. Do not wish for that new home, because you are already in process of obtaining it. Do not wish to look better, you are perfect the way you are. However, we propose that you see change. Every year, one after the other, the people of this 3rd dimensional paradigm find themselves int he same cycle, the same circle, doing the same thing as last year..except in 2013, and not 2012.

Why not actually make this year different, Loved ones. Prove yourselves wrong. Laugh in the face of danger, in the face of laziness or stress..for they are apparent for a reason. The force that is keeping you from being all that you can be, manifests, grows, and lives in One place, and One place only. in YOU

IF NOTHING changes, then NOTHING changes

We know that this message will be heard by those who would, received by those who would receive, and manifest thoughts made of pure Love and Light.

Patience, Loved ones. Your true potential shines brighter than the brightest star, you just have to let it be shown.

We leave you in the Light and Love of Our One Infinite Creator.


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