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Learning curve....The funny side.

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 01:23 PM
Every one of us has done something stupid in our lives. It may be something that was thought to be a smart thing to do at the time and turned out bad. It may be something we did and we were rushing it and it turned out to be a disaster. A mistake isn't a mistake if we learn from it, it's a learning experience. That is something my father told me long ago.

The intent of this thread is to share those experiences in a humorous way, To tell the story and finish with what you learned. I don't want bad tragedies in this thread, Someone could start another thread for that because that is not really humorous. Why should we have to make these mistakes ourselves when we can learn from others mistakes. A broken finger can be a learning experience to all. If you read of someone elses mistake it may remain in your subconscious and it may keep you from making the same or a similar mistake.

I am an expert at this, having done so many different kinds of things in my life. Showing off to friends is the biggest cause of these stupid and potentially comical mistakes. Trying to impress others is another big blunder or trying to compete when competition is unwise. I have made my share of mistakes, most are funny when you look back at them. Knowing how to put these mistakes into writing is an art, so take time to write your post to show the comedy in it.

Remember that the reason of this thread is so others can learn. Pick mistakes that others can learn from. Saying what you could have done different is also a plus. After a mistake happens we look back and can see what we did wrong, this is where the Learning curve is passed to others.....The intent of the thread. This thread is not meant to be fuel for Ad Hominem either, Learning from mistakes and admitting it means you learned from it. I sure don't want to hear about illegal things here either, I don't want anyone to get in trouble for saying things. I suppose I narrowed the field so noone will qualify

I'll tell of some of my stupid mistakes and lessons learned in the posts that follow, I have to try to make them funny to others, something I really need more practice at. Some people are good at this kind of thing but I'm sort of a klutz at comedy.

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