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Saddam HUSSAIN is still alive ?

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posted on May, 5 2003 @ 02:40 AM
The London daily newspaper Al-Quods Al-Arabi, which are usually given like ideologically near to Iraqi Ba' ath published, April 29, a letter allotted to President Saddam Hussein addressed by him, day before at the time of its anniversary, with the Iraqi people and the Arab nation. According to the daily newspaper, "sources close to Saddam Hussein confirmed the authenticity of its writing and its signature, and specified that under the current conditions of its clandestinity, for obvious reasons of safety, it could not communicate differently than by a written message".

The article is illustrated of a reproduction of the first lines of the letter and signature of Saddam Hussein. In its letter Saddam Hussein invites the Iraqi people to put side the differences between chi' ites and sunnites and to concentrate on the "fight against the occupation".
It affirms that the defeat was caused by treason and calls with the boycott of the American administration in Iraq.

Here the text of the letter :
In occupied Iraq, April 28, 2003 In the name of God, it sympathizing and the mercyfull one.

"Before the battle does not start, they swore with God that they would not be concealed nor would not flee. A commitment entered into towards God must be respected"

From Saddam Hussein with the large Iraqi people, wire of the Arab and Moslem nation and with the men of honour of the whole world: let peace be on you, as well as the mercy and the blessings of Dieu.From the same way that Hulagu entered to Baghdad, the Bush criminal entered there with the assistance of Alqami [ the traitor ], although this time, there was more than one Alqami. (note of the translator: reference to a traitor who helped Mongolian Hulagu Khan to take Baghdad in XIIIe century).
They did not overcome you, you who refuse to accept humiliation, you who have the Arabism and Islam in your hearts and your minds, you who were not demolished if it is not by treason.
There was no victory as a long time as resistance is in your hearts. What we had announced now arrived. We will not live in peace and in safety as a long time as the monstrous entity Zionist will be on our Arab ground, and of this fact there should not be breach in the unit of the fight arabe.

Oh, wire of our large people, raise you counters the occupant and do not trust those which speak about sunnites and of chi' ites. The only current problem is that of the fatherland, of your large Iraq, which knows the occupation now. There is not another priority only the expulsion of the inaccurate, loose and fatal occupant.
No honourable hands will tighten to them his, only those of the traitors and the collaborators will do it. I say to you that all the countries which surround you are against your resistance but God is with you, because you fight the unbeliever and that you defend your rights.
The traitors allowed themselves of glorifier their treason although it is a ashamed thing.
You must for your part affirm your rejection of the occupant for the safety of large Iraq and over the nation, for Islam and the humanity.
Iraq will triumph and, with him, the wire of the nation and the men of honour.
We will reconstitute the archaeological parts which they have stolen and we will rebuild Iraq that they want to cut up.
Can God bring the shame on them !
Saddam to them did not make record any property with his name and I defy whoever to prove that the palates were not recorded in the name of the Iraqi state. I gave up them, a long ago, and left to live in small mansion. Forget all and resist the occupation. The guilty error starts when one is concerned with priorities other than the occupant and his expulsion.
You point out that they aspire to create conflicts between you so that Iraq remains weak in order to plunder it as they have it already done.

Your party, the party Ba' ath Arab and socialist, is proud to have not tightened the hand with the enemy Zionist and not to have made any concession with the coward attacker américano-British.
Whoever is drawn up against Iraq and plots against him will not benefit from the peace based on the support american.
Blessings with each man of resistance, with each honourable Iraqi citizen, each woman, each child and each wise person of our large Iraq.
Be connected, the enemy will flee and, with him, the traitors whom it brought. Will know that those which came with troops from invasion and planes to bombs will not bring anything other to you that the poison. If God wants it, the day of the release and from the victory will come for us, the nation and Islam.
This time, like always the right will triumphs, the days to come will be better Defend your property, the public buildings and your schools.

Boycott the occupant. Boycott it, as it is your duty towards Islam, the religion and the fatherland.
Live Large Iraq and its people!
Live free and Arab Palestine, of the Jordan to the sea! God is great!
How shame is on those which deserve the contempt!

Saddam Hussein, April 28, 2003

posted on May, 5 2003 @ 04:09 PM
We can't just assume that Saddam is gone. Saddam could be anywhere. Can he not???

Some here may call me alarmist or what not, but they cannot seem to understand that awareness is better than ignorance. To assume is ignorant. Know.

[Edited on 5-5-2003 by Abraham Virtue]

posted on May, 5 2003 @ 04:19 PM
If we are to assume anything lets assume he is alive.
I think and hope he is dead...but until there is proof I would still be looking for him.

posted on May, 5 2003 @ 07:03 PM
I believe that Saddam is dead, although will likely be "resurrected" as an excuse to go into Syria, if Powells "polite request" is not fulfilled...

posted on May, 5 2003 @ 07:11 PM
Syria Getting Rid of Saddam Family

The latest guess about the dictator with 9 lives (Saddam Hussein) is that he was wounded in the first bombing raid of the Iraq war and killed in the Baghdad restaurant bombing on April 7 because "the command and control just disappeared after the first bombing raid," according to a U.S. intelligence official.
Meanwhile, Syria has been smuggling Saddam's aides to Belarus (where some think Saddam may be hiding), Lebanon, North Africa and other countries. They want all former Iraqi government officials out of Syria in order to avoid a U.S. attack. Many of Saddam's family members fled to Syria just before the war. Now Saddam's wife Sajida and her three children have been put on planes and flown to Libya and Belarus, while other family members were taken to Lebanon.

posted on May, 5 2003 @ 08:07 PM
Where Saddam goes is where he will be sought. The question is who is seeking him???

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