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Don't leave yourself... The Rose of the World

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 12:25 PM
Don't leave yourself
So lonely...

Don't fade it all away

Don't leave yourself
In hopelessness again

Caught up in the shadows
Of love and trust that's gone

Don't leave yourself of YOU

A moment beyond senses
Where all gets back to real
A moment of forever
For you in love to be

Don't listen to the voices
Don't listen to the fear
That wants to trap you there

Just listen to that soft spot
Eternity within
That song that is forever
That truth that sets you free

The dwellingplace of Spirit
That smile so deep within

That dancer through the Cosmos
Through fire and through rain
That amazingness unfolded
That YOU that always were

Let lire sparks of wonder
Spiraling you in with gold
Let flow of real shine through you
Let you be YOU in love

The Rose of World is dying
It slowly fades away
Leaves that withers falling
Now it seems so grey

A drop of blood is falling
A heart so broken bleeds
The skies a torn apart
A drop of truth so deeply
To reach the heart within

The leaves are gently falling
In through the fire bright
The Rose in stillness dying
A love without a name

A moment deep in silence
A moment just for that

Of ash a bud is growing
The Rose is born again

To touch your heart so deeply
To let you live again

The tears you feel inside you
The rain so deep within
Will reach the newborn baby
The Rose will grow again

For all that's said and played out
For all that's done and not
It all will gently fade out
The moment of undone

So let that love inside you
Flow freely through the World
To be that glow that reaches
Through shadows and through pain

So be that spark of freedom
That spirit from within
Please be that love that touches
Please be yourself again

Be everything you wanted

Be fire-free in love flow
Be that what makes you real

The starlight of the moment
Beginning is the end

The dancer through the moonlight
Will break the spell again

Please be what's real inside you
Please be that gentle stream

Be all that truly matters
Don't let it die in vain

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