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Why does this sound so damn ridiculous?

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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 08:03 PM
Does anyone truly know hard facts about what happened in Newtown? Not even the police are sure on the current story floating around. From the ones currently 'surfaced', this is what I know so far, and together, this story is most idiotic, ridiculous, and illogical massacre that I have ever seen take place:

- Shooter was supposedly a 20-year old autistic male
- Shooter has no record of the past 3 years
- Shooter was found with brother's driver's license, despite not seeing brother for 3 years
- Shooter live(d) with mother (supposedly), and killed her
- Shooter acquired an AR-15, Sig sauer, and Glock (and supposedly a shotgun) from mother
- Mother legally owned a (diverse) collection of guns, only lacking a sniper (for now)
- Shooter had high-precision accuracy (that would come from weapons training), despite being mentally ill
- Shooter wore a bulletproof vest and mask (in an elementary school) despite planning to kill himself
- Shooter's brother had anarchistic views
- School was littered in .223 rounds, however shooter had 'multiple' magazines for both pistols and his AR. (why?)
- Shotgun found in the back of shooter's car, yet shooter had no intention of using the shotgun (again, what?)
- Hunt for second suspect was abandoned 48 hours after the incident (...really?)
- Shooter's mother supposedly worked for the school as a substitute

I'm going to add more to this list, as this is just what I've seen and isn't directly taken from online media outlets. When I look at these facts, there are so many holes and so many things that do not make any sense whatsoever. Like the shotgun -- why would he bring a shotgun if he had no intention to use it? Why would he bring two (read: 2) pistols yet have virtually no use for them?

The friend said that no one might ever know what was going on in Adam’s mind before he donned black camouflage, a military-style vest and his mother’s weapons. “It makes no sense,” he said. “None of this does.”

Indeed, one of the deadliest American tragedies since 9/11, and again, the official story still seems to make no sense.

Here are a couple of interesting news stories:

- Agenda to push 'Smart Gun Tech'
- Adam viewed guns with a 'sense of responsibility'
- Facts about the weapons used by Adam Lanza

Honestly, none of this adds up, because, had he used the shotgun, trust me, this would have been far worse because of the enclosed spaces of the classrooms. And he had high precision aim yet 'littered the school in .223 rounds'? Then come all the weird backtrackings by the media, like 'most of the deaths came from the classroom that his mother was teaching' and then 'he shot his mother as he lay beside her'. I'm not a conspiracy theorist (and most of the people on this site who claim to be actually aren't) so I don't have any 'theories' to what actually went down, but this event certainly did not go down the way we are being told it did, which could be good for us -- maybe Adam had extremist views that the authorities don't want disclosed -- but I feel that more details should be offered up.
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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 08:16 PM
Don't forget the shooter entered college at age 16. I am not sure how this ties in yet, my gut just tells me this is something important.

I agree, this whole thing is very fishy.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 01:08 AM
I think the Media loves the fact that he did this with a Bushmaster rifle. It sounds scary, and Umarex, Rock River, S&W, or Stag Arms just don't have that same ring to it.

Every manufacturer that ISN"T Bushmaster is so grateful he didn't kill anyone with their rifle. The company that started and sold Bushmaster certainly is grateful they are no longer the owners =)

I don't know what is more ridiculous anymore, the story itself or the narration of the story by the media.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 01:29 AM
I was at work the evening of December 14 and the news was on and the reporter was listing the name brand and model of weapon supposedly used in the Sandy Hook incident. A co-worker who is a hunter remarked on the stupidity of naming the brand of weapon used. It didn't mean anything to me at the time but really, what was the purpose of advertising these weapons?

For what it's worth on the same newscast which I have no idea of the channel, a young boy was interviewed and he stated something to the effect of, "We waited to leave until the animal was trapped in the building." I was somewhat distracted by work activities but I thought to myself why such a young child would call the gunman an animal unless the film footage was taken from an entirely different event.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by hurdygurdy

Absolutely it is odd to mention the name so much. It is like saying Hyundai Sonata Mid-size sedan every time you mention someone getting in a car wreck or DWI or something. Maybe that isn't the best comparison, but it's definitely agenda driven to some degree.

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