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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 04:46 PM
"If you give a kid a battery operated toy he will operate until the batteries will run out of energy,if you give man a planet he will use all the resources until they will be time travelled millions of years back and forward in the future from the past until at last they will need to self regenerate"

Many (re)sources energy has.

Probably the main source of energy for us humans and for Earth is Sun.His light that is warming everything on our planet make life to have an limited endless cycle.Life without Sun and his light would probably not exist in her actual beauty and splendor.

In the same time Earth itself is a unvaluable source of energy...for life and not only.In all his aspects Earth feeds all the creatures that live on Earth,inside the oceans and in all the corners of this planet .

Also on Earth we have different and various types of energy.Many of them natural and many of them naturally adapted by human beings to their needs by interacting with the nature.

They say that everything is energy,seen and unseen.Also the say that if you will use all the nuclear bombs that humans were built at once planet Earth can be destroyed many times.

Nuclear bombs built by the justification of the need to be energy.

So humans are great consumers and stockpiling of energy and what they cannot consume they stockpile.

I am sure that you will agree with me that all living life is energy and in the same time energy her self can be living life at her purest form of existence, energy can be life .Not evolved or created.

But how we can demonstrate this!

of course many of you will say that we must use quantum physics or chemistry or maths or associated sciences on.

But I'll say that there are more simple ways to see energy in her purest forms untamed by the evolution nor by creation.

I will still remain to my conviction that Universe is rotating at the speed of light I mean the walls of the Universe are rotating with the speed of light and in his vast imensitty we cannot see his round shape.This is why in my humble opinion we wrongly think that the Universe is still expanding and light is forwarding as a consequence of primordial Big bang billions of years ago.

This is the reason why speed of light is the limit.Although is hard to believe Universe has it's own gravity like any other universal body belonging to the universe.If universe will not spin with the speed of light,I mean his walls , then like all the systems in equilibrium here and there will collapse only this time in a primordial big bang and I will annotate more bang than bing.

Of course after all my rethoric you will say that Earth is flat...of course, from where I stand Earth indeed is flat,I mean flattened at some aplication points like the GeoMPoles.

Then after I told you about this silly theory of mine about the universe I have this feeling that everything that we see and we don't see is kept to not collapse by light which is indeed energy.

Coming back to our limited celestial earthly bodies our interaction with the light, day and night give us that amount of energy needed to assimilate other many types of energy that came from this energy mass quantum that is our Universe.

We might not know but there is a subliminal level of interaction with the light presented in "We are one light",a level of interaction that is not percieved by the body but by the brain in a way,and I believe that is percieved by the fields of energy that we have and certainly interact with other unseen forms of energy.

Energy matrix of each can cover a wide spectrum of interacting energy fields which we can not perceive with our senses but which communicate as energy fields each having their own conscience derived from material consciousness.

In some people it may manifest more strongly in the form of unused energy fields and undimensioned called poltergeist.

Energy extraction and energy interaction cannot exist one without the other the exchange of light between all the bodies that exist is a common thing and in the same time keep the balance of life to a level were the resources can keep nature.

As for Humans that is another story in another forum.

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