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It wont bring back the dead ...

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 05:54 PM
probably shouldnt be posting as been drink all night ... but after logging on and seeing the news on the attacks at schools in china and america ... then seeing the same old tired arguments over banning weapons.. quite disgusting.. doesnt matter you can make all the laws you want... ban all you like.. it wont bring back the dead.. it wont stop the primitives from butchering each other over whatever idiotic excuse they come up with... instead the usual cries for more laws .. more bans .. rather than people realising that all life is valuable ... and no one has the right nor justification to take the life of another... but no .. humans are still too primitive and barbaric to value life ... they butcher each other over nothing and have a culture that glorifies violence.. and death.. isnt it time that humanity grow up and learn to value life rather than glorify death... not a damn thing you do or say will bring back the dead ... condolences to all who lost loved ones to the primitives that didnt / dont value life...

hope thread make sense .. english not my native language and been up all night drinking and cursing the idiots who glorify death...

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