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News Media Influence during a Critical Time

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 01:12 PM
The following post was posted by me to my own fb page earlier today. I now want to share my thoughts also with the ATS community.

At times like this I choose not to watch the news. I saw the news breaking online yesterday and I think that what happened was beyond horrible, a person`s worse nightmare, and I understand the strong sadness many are feeling. But as I read through everybody`s Facebook statuses I realize a big difference between the way I am handling it and the way most others are handling it.
I`m sure a lot of pe
ople are basically watching the television and watching every heartbreaking moment unfold with your own eyes. I haven`t watched one news report yet and I know what happened as much as the next person.The story, I know because I used to watch the news often, is being told over and over again, they are repeating and repeating this horrible story from every angle and people cannot help but be drawn in with emotion. When so many people are absorbing the same negative emotions simultaneously and feeling these same emotions on such a large scale malleability becomes easily, plausibly apparent.

The tragic events have been on my mind as well and I have been reflecting on my own thoughts of what can be done to prevent this as well as trying to understand what actually did happen. It also makes you realize once again how precious life is and if you are a parent it hits you extra hard. At times like this we are all extra vulnerable and it is important to remember that. Do not forget about your own intelligence and your own abilities to apply logic and rationale to see over the problem instead of being lost inside of the problem.
Instead of choosing to watch the news over and over again, it is important we choose to be committed to a better life. Choose to be part of the solution by offering up your own thoughts no matter what they are.

At any given moment on our rock we call Earth, tragedy, injustice, and violence senselessly assembles through the actions of those engulfed by evil. To some extent, and without offense, it is a numbers game. You could hypothetically watch a new terrible story every single day and be overwhelmed with emotion constantly with the help of those giving you the information if this is what you choose. It is about the delivery, as you see now reporters and anchors at the top of their game, as they should be expected to be.

I see a big difference in the way I am feeling today and the way many of you are feeling. I`m not trying to shove this story away either, I just want to explain that I see a difference here and I completely attribute it to the level of one`s television media absorption. I don`t think it`s good for anyone to keep watching this information over and over again especially through mainstream news resources that rightfully so, have a profit based agenda. It is important to know what happened and not to forget what happened. At the same time it is better to think about this instead of allow your head to basically be drilled with information at a time in which you are emotionally vulnerable, ie. don`t watch the news over and over.

I offer these thoughts only in an effort to be a positive influence and helpful for others to see what they need to see. I hope this helps someone.

posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 09:22 PM
I forgot I ever posted this above thread.

Funny that no one replied and I think what I said still applies today.


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