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FEMA : New Proposed Elevation Levels of N.J. for Homes and Businesses in Flood Zones.

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 09:03 AM
Certainly Sandy changed the way we live here in NJ forever. According to the article, these new elevation levels are not mandatory, but if you insist in build or rebuild, you'll face higher insurace payments.

Property owners in flood zones can find out today whether their homes or businesses have to be raised to avoid higher insurance costs and to prevent damage or destruction from future storms.

FEMA was already working on this map BEFORE Sandy, (I think that's important to know, whatever it means).

The updated maps, some two years in the making and scheduled for release next year, were expedited because of Sandy.

Also pay attention since when we didn't have an update of the map :

Ryan Pietramali, risk analysis branch chief for FEMA, said the new levels are based on improved technology that allows scientists to better understand high wind and wave action. The previous flood maps, he said, are based on data that is up to 30 years old.

After reading all that, a couple of thoughts are coming to my mind, after all....this is ATS. I will be waiting for other members opinion, remember if water level are going up, it won't be in NJ only.

Link to the map here :
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