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Propagandist Photojournalism Bothers Me

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posted on Dec, 15 2012 @ 06:58 AM
I don't even know if I should post this with the timing and massive horror that this Connecticut tragedy is, so I may delete it later. I mean no harm and truly feel for the children and their families that were affected.

I just see this with every crime. It's the pictures they post of the victims and perpetrators and how they are intended to correlate evil with the photo of the criminal and the good of the victim.

The photo that's vastly already spread around the internet of Adam Lanza is this one:

That picture was taken 7 years ago and paints a portrait of a young psycho as well as anyone could imagine. Now, with the last 14 or so years of cellphone cameras, FB and all other photographic media, they decided to "find" only this photo to display to the masses.

I did find this photo which may be him or his brother. (the wording from the page I found it on, is confusing to me whether or not it is him.

Surely, more photos will come out that are more recent. But now, all associations with Adam will be that menacing child-monster fixated in everyone's memory. And I just think this is wrong from a journalistic standpoint to do. Yes, the crime he committed may be one of the worst we've ever seen in this generation and is of horrific standards, but, imagery like this only incites more hatred and anger.

It makes me wonder; what photo they would have chosen if he had been the victim instead?

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