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The Biggest, Most Epic House Move In The History of Mankind

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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 09:35 AM
"The universe is infinite in both time and size. Life has and will always continue to exist merely changing form. As Einstein said - 'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another'. The same can be said for life as life is energy" - (50/50 2012)

Before I begin, let me say that my knowledge of the subjects I am about to bring together is very much 'around the perimeter' and I'm not claiming to know an awful lot about them. I am using what I know and believe combined with a deep rooted philosophical nature of mine to bring you this possibility. I have written similar threads in the past and not all of what I say may be original so apologies if you've heard any of it before.

My theory is one that brings religion and science into one reality. For centuries, academics and scholars have scratched their heads and come up with ideas of how modern man came to be. Much has been based on the bible and other religious texts or scientific studies but nobody actually knows for sure, our true origins.

In today's world, it seems as though man has some difficulty living on Earth with so many varying species and even human races. It is as though we are all living under each other's feet in a world that is too small for us to get along, almost like when a teenager reaches the age when it is necessary to move away from their parents. There are so many conflicting religions as well as scientific theories but none can come to a common conclusion.

I have always been of the belief that we are not native to Earth. As a closer to home example first, take The USA; How many young Americans think about their origins. Do they think about the fact that the land they feel so patriotic about was not even theirs in the past? How long before generations grow up now knowing the true history of the USA? It could happen in centuries so what about Millennia? Over many Millennia, I believe that our true history has been twisted and distorted beyond the point where it could ever be recovered. Now, I will get to the point and will write it as fact despite it being a theory as it reads easier!

Life does evolve... slowly. However, life on this planet hasn't evolved in the way we think. Our universe is teeming with life and we can only imagine what is out there. Somewhere in our galaxy is a home, a home that used to belong to a civilization. This civilization grew into an advanced race but a time came when they were able or maybe even forced to leave the confines of their planet and search for extra-terrestrial life and habitable planets elsewhere. Two planets were identified orbiting a star called Sol, after many years of research, it was decided that a manned mission would be in the galaxies best interest and so a group of people were sent to these twin planets. These two planets were Venus and Earth.

Earth was the primary location that was to be considered, however, Venus was much cooler back in those days and didn't contain any dangerous forms of life it made for a hospitable base. Earth on the contrary was full of life too dangerous for humans to inhabit. Giant reptiles roamed the planet, viruses would kill a human within days if the giant poisonous invertebrates didn't get them. Aside from this, Earth was a good prospect. It was larger than Venus, had a good proportion of land to water, a temperate climate and resembled the planet that these humans originated from. Existing life on Earth had to be removed before any new inhabitants could move in and in true human fashion (which is still in our DNA today) it was arranged that a huge explosion on the planet would remove most of the dangerous life forms although many non threatening species would survive. . The explosion did indeed kill a huge amount of life however, the ice age that followed killed all but the hardiest. When this ice age passed, life once again began to flourish on Earth, minus the large reptiles which previously dominated the planet. A younger race of the ‘Homo’ genus was introduced to shape the planet into a homo-sapien habitable planet and establish a stable ecosystem over the next few thousand years. Fast forward and Earth had been successfully bio-engineered and was now ready for the human civilizations to move in. This happened over millions of years and this was either an extremely long project on an epic scale or manipulation of space/time allowed time on Earth to pass more quickly than for our ancestors.

There were several planets in the distant system from which we originated and all had varying types of human civilization, all being slightly different due to the differing environments. Each planet was allowed to send a limited number of it's people to the new planet Earth so that they could live in the way they always had undisturbed. A ship was built and examples of all life forms and human races were loaded on and sent on the journey to seed the new planet. Several journeys were made. A dark-skinned race was sent and landed onto the African continent, another similar race to Australia along with the marsupials native to their home planet, a white race was landed on the huge Euro-Asian continent at one end and another distinctive light skinned race on the other side and so forth for all of the other races. Creatures great and small were also introduced from the different planets and arranged in places where the environment was most similar to home. These races built their civilizations from the ground up with only the knowledge they had brought with them. Over time, this knowledge evolved and they adapted to thrive on Earth. All previous history, was written in books which also evolved over time into the religious texts we have today. The populations boomed and eventually collided causing conflict and integration together.

See, we are all different, yet the same. We are now a single race, human; but in the past we were as related as tigers are to lions and elephants to mammoths. The bible has truth, the Torah has truth, the Qu'ran has truth, as do many other ancient and religious texts, and the scientists... they have uncovered some of the truth. We are so fascinated with outer space and marvel at the stars because deep down in our DNA, we know that it is home.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 12:29 PM
I have pondered something similar. Outpost Earth or Runaway Greenhouse gas on Venus caused by a prior civilization. And that Humanity is possibly much, much older than we know.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 05:29 PM
And exactly how do you know this? The information is quite specific, where would someone get this kind of information, and what makes this trustworthy in comparison with other 'alternative histories'?

I'm very much open to the idea that our history could be very much different than what most people imagine it to be, but without proof this is nothing more than another interesting story.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by fiftyfifty

Makes for a good story. Actually, it doesn't. Spending about 5 minutes thinking about it is all it should take to realize there is zero logic behind it. As Judge Judy likes to say, if it doesn't make sense, it's not true.

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