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Obamacare hour reductions hitting public sector not just private

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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 09:29 AM
Due to my job I've been hearing buzz about this in municipalities. Hours being cut, full time people being given the options to take a part-time position or be let go, early retirement being pushed hard.

I couldnt get any hard documentation just word of mouth stuff and statements from selectmen and mayors/managers.

Today I found this:

The Macomb city's manager announced this week that Obamacare's expensive health coverage mandates will necessitate putting more employees on part-time to avoid health care costs - or federal fines for not providing coverage. In an interview with The Detroit News Tuesday, Robert Daddow - Deputy County Executive of neighboring Oakland County - confirmed that Obamacare's costs are an issue for his county as well.

From The Detroit News:

So let all that anger and rage toward the Papa John's owner and other private sector targets be swiftly directed toward the elected officials of Anytown USA because consistency in outrage matters.

It's not just Macomb. I know of dozens of municipalities across several states where this is happening right now.

Employees who used to count on 30, 35 hours of pay are now cut to 29 or less. Because the municipality cant afford to give them everything they arent allowed to give then what little they may be able to when they may be able to.

Iowa cities cutting hours
Cedar Falls cutting hours

More as I find'em as long as I can edit.
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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by thisguyrighthere
As it grows closer and closer to the time when "Obamacare" comes into full effect we will see this happening more frequently. I know many, many people whose hours have already been cut well in advance of the deadline for full implementation of the healthcare plan. The majority of them have had to take second part time jobs to survive.

I hope the government realizes that their "healthcare exchange" may very likely crash from being overwhelmed by people who no longer qualify for insurance through their employers, especially since most states are choosing not to implement their own exchanges. It could be disastrous, but I do hope they have some kind of back up plan in place.

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