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Social disorder UK, British Troops Firing On Kids.

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posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 07:01 AM
Not one to post dreams etc but this one really shook me to the core, was vivid, scary, and mind blowingly sick

Maybe as a soldier myself I was manifesting my worst fears in my dreams, and witnessing some bad experiences in waking life bought it on? All I know is that I woke up having a panic attack.. And as a former PTSD sufferer maybe that was a reacurance.. A blip..

All I know is that it felt very real..

So here goes;

I dreamt I was at a friends house with my estranged missus (we are talking again), and her two gorgeous kids who I love like my own.. We were all having a good time, un-wrapping presents, eating mince pies, helping the kids assembe the kids toys (as guys know, its an excuse to have a play ourselves). You get the picture..

When all of a sudden there was shouting and the sound of things getting broken and smashed outside.. There was banging on the window and it smashed.. The scenes outside was one of hundreds of kids rioting.. Hurling bricks at windows, setting fire to cars, having no control and being seemingly led like follow the leader on a rampage.. They tried getting in the house. They had ferral looks on their faces. I cuffed their ears and told them to go home.. They looked almost thankful for the discapline.. The ferral look dissapeared and they looked like kids again.. But the anarchy continued..

The troops came.. They herded the kids together and made a baseline.. Then a few high ranking police officers turned up and made my friends house their HQ.. The crowed was behind the house held in place by the troops.. I got the missus to get the kids away in her car. I escorted her to the car and made sure they got away safe.. I stuck around to help my mate clean up.. And spoke to the officer in command of the troops who I had served with in Northern Ireland and now was a Major.. He pointed to a platoon close by who were armed with Javelin missiles.. He said "these f##kers are dead" to which I said "they are just kids!" He then told me "orders" I said they are illegal then ran to the platoon and begged them to use their right to ignore illegal orders.. They just ignored me and fired..

I will not be too graphic.. But if any of you have witnessed battle you will know the screams, blood, guts, piss and crap, the stink of burnt flesh etc.. All very vivid..

I ran to my mates house.. He was OK but a knock on the window was some kids who had escaped full of total fear and begging us to help them because "the soldiers are coming and we are scared".

That woke me up.. A child scared of those that are duty bound to protect them..

I must apologise for any typos.. And cant edit properly.. Just need answers..

I will not be too graphic

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by EvanB

Maybe you already know...

Maybe as a soldier myself I was manifesting my worst fears in my dreams, and witnessing some bad experiences in waking life bought it on?

Something I read once was speculating that the mind re lives certain traumas in dreams, sometimes long after they occur. They may not be exact to detail but you are dreaming so your mind has a say (this time). That your subconscious mind reacts differently to things than your waking mind. That it is "sorting out" the fears, the anxiety and sleeping phantoms in our psyche (or even our soul) while we sleep. It is during sleep that our "real self" (as it were) has another look at the "morality or insanity" of it all. In your case this was war?

I can't imagine any thing more traumatizing to our sensibilities than that. If this is what you are experiencing that is a good thing. It is a healthy sign that you are working through those memories. They may recur or not, depending if you learn the lesson they impart. You may be aware of certain questions that come up for you to answer now in the awake state. Like, what I shoulda-coulda-woulda done if...

Once you answer those then that episode might not repeat. Unless you can't face it and wake up to soon. Those nightmares are really Okay. It shows a healthy mind trying to repair its composure and self esteem?

Hope that helps.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by EvanB
Scary dream good sir and may i second that i totally agree,christmas morning is a sound time for building them toys especially with the misus happy.I can say i never have being to war but i can only imaging what it is like.I think coming from Ireland,id look up and say "oh man our planes still have propellars" and thinking some dude would smoke me in a mig or the sort.I quickly lost the idea.

I can certainly understand a scary dream,i have crazy dreams at times and often wonder is there more to them.
I even use have dreams as a child that i was captured with a few other men and the men would be put to death and i would wake up before my turn in geting murdered.
That was bad enough but to have a dream about a Javelin being dropped on a load of innocent children would be totally brutal,maybe your biggest fear going to war would be being ordered to do it,or that it might happen by mistake? Glad it never happened for you

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