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N.I.P.A.S. - Mobile Field Force - "Exercises?"

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posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:23 AM
Spotted on my drive to work the other day, was the "NIPAS" (Northern Illinois Police Alarm System) Mobile Field Force vehicle. Similar in build to an ambulance, it's basically a command vehicle, and was sitting in the drive of a fire department. They've been around since 1994, but this was the first time I had seen them (then looked up NIPAS, and found this)


Now, I've always understood that organizations like FEMA, etc., DO serve a useful purpose, but can also be co-opted toward nefarious ends. NIPAS, essentially is a group police force, consisting of resources from 107 Chicago suburban forces (resources meaning personnel, equipment, and funding.) The primary raison d'ĂȘtre of NIPAS is to respond to "major civil disturbances."

The NIPAS Mobile Field Force was created in the Spring of 1994 to maximized the effectiveness of initial response efforts by police when a major civil disturbance occurs. Civil disturbances, union conflicts, public demonstrations, and other events involving large or disorderly crowds require skillful response by police agencies.


The NIPAS Mobile Field Force provides its member agencies with a planned, organized, and rapid response to: control unruly crowds (either hostile or passive); seal off problem areas, regardless of size; rescue citizens or officers from crowds; clear an area of hostile individuals by use of proactive tactics; and apprehend multiple offenders, if required.

Now this, in and of itself, again, is not a BAD thing, but of course, NIPAS could be used to "control" crowds beyond what is necessary and appropriate (read - stifle dissent.) My concern, however, is that it seems that all too often when "exercises" are being run, it tends to be because something is planned - or, TPTB know something is going to happen which is going to require such a response. The FEMA drills in NYC on 9/10/01, the drills in London before the subway bombing, etc.

I'm CERTAIN there are plenty of drills which don't preceed an event, but it's the possibility, and what that may mean - this one being in my general geographic area, makes me at least a little bit concerned.

Anyhow, after seeing the NIPAS Mobile Field Force vehicle, there were also several helicopters (far more than normal) flying the area, and a significant number of state and county police vehicles (besides municipal.) We don't see many state and county police on our roads, because our municipal police forces are enormous compared to their workloads. I know several police officers in the area, and most of them are bored out of their minds most of the time, because their coverage area is so small and uneventful.

So, there must have been some kind of exercise, practice, whatever going on, and it may have been 100% innocent. Then again, it may have been "gearing up" for being put to use in the near future. This doesn't mean the participants are in on any grand conspiracy, but those up above may be planning on a need to put them to use in the near future.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 09:50 AM
If you build it, they will come - seems rather appropriate here (?)

It just feels that way, anymore. that the more we see these type 'units', 'forces' and 'organizations' the more there feels a sense of urgency or 'need', if you will, for them to be created, formed, necessary.

the more the seeming undercurrent of civil unrest grows, the more we see these type situations being 'think tanked', planned for and response forces assembled and put into play[ce] (sic).

Hopefully they'll ultimately end up sitting around, collecting dust, never to be needed, but if history shows us anything it's that 'they' aren't about to put that type monies and resources into something just to leave it sitting idly by, unused.

never let a good crisis go to waste, per se'

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by 12m8keall2c

Agreed there - I'll add that a friend of mine who generally isn't "into conspiracy", etc., mentioned this morning that he had seen them in his nearby town as well, and quipped that "it seems like 'they' want us getting used to seeing things like this around. It used to be shocking to see a SWAT truck, etc, anywhere but in a movie."

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by dogstar23

Interesting times we live in!

I would have, a few years ago, shrugged off such things, but lately? It's hard to ignore all of the evidence. When I see drop down barriers on one side only of an interstate, that were not there a year before, with signs threatening serious prosecution if you pass them, but NO explanation as to why they would be used. well, I wonder why. When I see major road projects undertaken in my area, on a road that needed no work, and didn't have frequent accidents, and the ONLY offered explanation is for better access to the airport (VERY small municipal sort), and this takes years, and still isn't done, when good road sections are totally removed, and hills are re-sculptured, and massive amounts of equipment are used, all where nothing really needed done, I wonder why. There isn't enough airport use to justify all this work. When my own husband spots DHS vehicles at our local shopping areas, in a really small college town, where nothing happens, I really start to wonder WHY.

Things here are scattered enough, it would not be that hard to conceal some construction, if they really wanted to, and make it look like other work was being done. I have to add, some of that road work caused a nice, long stretch of basically empty road to be closed off, for reasons NO ONE can explain. A road that was supposed to be left alone, for the scenic value, mind you. I have to wonder what they are building along there, that they don't want anyone to see.

Small college town, with a military base nearby. Nothing weird going on there that we have noted (and mine works there, so would see that), though it's busier than it used to be. So, why all the road work? Why DHS vehicles, here? Why weird barriers on one direction only of an interstate? Not for weather; they post when that's the problem. Plus, that would close both sides, not one.

Too much weirdness the last year or so to ignore anymore.

posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by dogstar23
Oh there just gearing up for the 2013 gun grab, they know you have them , at least 4 in hiding, and for the rounds of 223 under your pillow...

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