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Know the albuns of an ATS member, "Conspiracy, Aliens and Nazis" and "Earth's Secret History" f

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 09:20 PM
Hello, I'm an ATS member off course, but I read more than post, usually.
I run a band, now solo project, entitled "Skull and Bones".

(old logo)

(new logo)

I composed and produced an album entitled "Conspiracy , Aliens and Nazis", with lyrics about... well, the title.

The track list is this:

n. Title Track Length
1 The Bell 04:40
2 Free Gary Mckinnon 05:23
3 Aliens among us 05:11
4 Spartacus 04:52
5 The Brotherhood of Snake 04:33
6 Hollow Earth 04:49
7 German Flying Saucers 05:06
8 Nazi Moon Base 05:06
9 One way trip to Mars 05:41
10 EBE 04:58
11 The Journey 04:57
12 Good Guys 05:32
13 Military Industrial ET Complex 05:32
14 The Alien race called Dow 04:58
15 The Philadelphia Experiment 04:43

Prior to this album, I released a rock album entitled "Earth's Secret History" too.

And the tracklist of it is:

Noah's ark
The great history ever sold
Black death
Black forest covenant
Secret weapons
Stolen Bomb
Admiral Byrd's expedition
Fake moon landing
Annunnaki return

And here goes some videos - I warn that they are very low budget, home made videoclips.

Admiral's Byrd Expedition

Noah's Ark

Fake Moon Landing

Please help, the songs aim to bring attention to some topics and make people think.
Share to your friends that may like it. Or for the enemies that may hate it, but help to spread, thanks!
I'm on the red on finances and some song sells would be nice
All songs available at itunes , amazon and other great music online stores.
And you can add me to your facebook, twitter, myspace, would be an great honor, it would be nice have new e-friends. Thanks!

Contact info :
My myspace site - listen to the songs freely here.
My blog about conspiracy
My facebook profile. Add to stay in touch about new songs or just hang out and share news or funny stuff.
My twitter. Add to be informed about new songs, new blog posts.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by skullandbonesband

Head banggin' Grey FTW!

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