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Hundreds of dead squid wash ashore in California

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posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 10:53 AM
The last thread I read led me to this
Hypothesis which would prove cause
The hypothesis listed there is the most plausible theory I've come across- Thanks to this ATS thread,
Dangerous Gas my curiousity won and I checked out the link- what I found was so in-depth that I had to reply to this thread to pass it on... please excuse any 'newbie' posting techniques, this is only my second time quoting, etc, I'm still learning =)
According to the blog author and the hypothesis and immense amount of data supporting his claim, This process could explain SO much of the events that seem to be spiraling, from natural disasters down to insane human behavior at an unprecedented level. The tie-in to leading conspiracies is not only logical but well presented and greatly supported by countless events with sources updated in his daily log. Not to be a spoiler, but more to give a basis/background of the concept for those who can go to the link later, the main excerpts from his summary are quoted below

The Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis: It's A Gas Gas Gas!

Hypothesis: As has happened in the past, the already-anoxic oceans have grown considerably more anoxic because of changes in the Gulf current that distributed heat around Florida, up the east coast and then to the east. As a result, as has happened before, the anoxic 'dead zones' are pluming clouds of deadly invisible hydrogen sulfide gas into the atmosphere. Consequently, the ozone layer is being reacted away (H2S + O3 -> H2O + O2 + S), exposing the Earth to rising and probably ultimately lethal levels of UV radiation and causing a major increase in mutations and genetic chimeras all around the world.

This process is also allowing in more heat, which is now accumulating in the Gulf, along the east coast, and in other areas of the world's oceans, lakes, and seas, and beginning to dissociate the methane hydrate deposits. (Confirmed.) Because the H2S eats away the hydroxyl radicals as well as ozone, and because the hydroxyl radicals are what would NORMALLY mitigate methane in the atmosphere, the resulting methane plumes will last considerably longer, enhancing the oceanic heating, causing more H2S plumes, making the methane last longer...and so on.

The rising H2S levels in the atmosphere are killing off aerobic (oxygen-using) life on Earth. This began some time ago, with bees and small lizards, and has worked its way up the size ladder as the atmospheric plumes have increased in concentration, and this process has escalated radically since the Gulf circulation significantly changed in 2010. Now the H2S is wafting down into low-lying areas and killing people there in increasing numbers, and it is making its way into homes now too and killing multi-person households, as well as fish, birds, trees and other oxygen-using life around the world.

Because hydrogen sulfide and methane are both highly flammable gases, their interaction with our flammable fuels infrastructure (cars, planes, jet skis, boats, homes, hotels, businesses, chemical plants, ammo depots, etc) is problematic and is leading to increases in fires and explosions, everywhere generally, but more on and near the coasts. Also, hydrogen sulfide is extremely fast-acting (it is deemed a 'knockdown agent' for this reason) and people driving any type of vehicle are likely to be affected, either rendered unconscious or dead, and this will cause an increase in major vehicular accidents of all kinds which has already begun.

Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier than-air-gas and will be accumulating in low-lying places: the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ravines, ditches, quays, canyons, valleys, gorges, streams, etc. Water is also heavier-than-air, so wherever you find water you are likely to find H2S accumulating. Methane is slightly more buoyant than (normal) air so it will mix and be generally everywhere, but will tend to fill up our atmosphere from the top down.

Proposed Explanations For Other Mysteries:

Chemtrails - Used for radiation protection to replace disintegrating ozone layer; to provide particles that work with HAARP to create ozone in the stratosphere with arcs; to provide aluminum oxide for use with mobile Claus plants to remove H2S from the atmosphere; to hide celestial objects from human view when deemed necessary.

Rumbling Sky Noises - The sounds of Claus plants running invisibly in the sky. The Claus process, discovered in the late 1800s, removes hydrogen sulfide from a gas stream and is the best way to do that that we have discovered.

Boom Sounds / Flashes Of Light In Sky - Hydrogen sulfide and/or methane plumes detonating in the sky above us, either purposely via human action (using incendiary flares or whatever), or igniting due to lightning. This may also sound like fireworks or 'popping sounds' if the plumes are smallish.

Strange Creatures - As the ozone layer dissolves and more spaceborne radiation beams down to the Earth, DNA and RNA is being damaged, fragmented. This is resulting in Mother Nature splicing in genetic data as best she can to fill damage-induced holes and gaps, sometimes taking this information from passing viruses, resulting in many more mutations, and in particular multi-species chimeras (generally two species). Many of these new chimeric creatures have human DNA/RNA and show human characteristics because our genome is so prevalent in the biosphere; we are everywhere.

Freak Hailstorms - As hydrogen sulfide plumes are blown into the upper atmosphere, they are reacting away our ozone layer (H2S + O3 --> H2O + O2 + S). It is very cold up that high in the atmosphere, so the H2O is sometimes coming down as hail at unusual times of the year, in unusual places and in highly unusual amounts.

Zombie-like Behavior - Hydrogen sulfide is a broad-spectrum poison but has powerful neurotoxic effects. In other words, it harms the brain, the neurology. It appears that it harms the higher functions: morality, conscience, logic, reason, language, memory. The result is that in some small percentage of the population, people just...lose it. They eat other peoples' faces, or eat their own son (happened in Uganda), etc. Cannibalism seems to be a common effect in this small percentage of the population. (Most people it simply kills outright.) So as we all breathe it in more and more, there will be more people doing simply insane things, from stripping off clothes and chasing buses to attacking and chewing on people.

Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis

posted on Dec, 21 2012 @ 12:38 AM
2.8 off Coast of San Diego.
Last time there was a quake off the coast of LaJolla, massive squid washed up on the beach.

M2.8 - 76km WSW of La Jolla, California
2012-12-20 17:54:31 UTC

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