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K.O.S. [2013]

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posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 05:56 PM
It has been a little over 2 years since the country collapsed into the chaos. How fitting the new martial law government chose K.O.S. as its name. The Knights of Security, the pseudo church, government, banks and military organization seemed to come out of nowhere. But they quickly took power.

The church commanded the faithful to obey the new world order. It was their religious duty for the good of their fellow man. K.O.S. established regional governments that utilized the brute force of the military to enforce its rules. Converted law enforcement oversaw the K.O.S. Camps for those who resisted.

Each regional bank issued their own currency that could only be spent in that region, this limited where someone could go and travel was not permitted. Each citizen was monitored by the insertion of a computer chip that provided enforcement with all their personal data and allowed enforcement to easily place people under house arrest.

All industry was placed under the control of K.O.S. and banks were put in charge of all commerce. Government farms were overseen by TRIAG, formerly known as Monsanto, Dow and Purina. No one was allowed to possess seeds or cultivate any consumables but them.

Oh there was resistance! Not much at first but gradually over time they began to find each other. The ringleaders were said to be people who once were involved with a web site called Above Top Secret. The ATS was marked as shoot on sight. There would be no mercy and no court for them. They were enemies of K.O.S..

The resistance found rugged mountainous areas that could be defended and allowed them the ability to move under the cover of nightfall. They utilized the training and knowledge they had gained from their ATS association to stay ahead of the military. Many of the ATS were ex-military and found leadership in the rebel army.

Doctors and nurses lent their hands to the fight and utilized scrounged medical supplies and wild medicinal herbs and plants. The cross section of professions and skills allowed them to provide a base from which to resist. Native American tribes joined them and assisted in their survival training. They also used their specific languages to communicate between resistance fighters utilizing handheld walkie-talkies and shortwave radio.

ATS computer engineers began to find ways to hack and interrupt K.O.S. communication and control systems. Their success began to embolden the general population and gave them hope that they could become free. When a way was found to defeat the implanted chips the resistance increased and ATS was able to infiltrate the cities and sabotage K.O.S..

Within the next year, K.O.S. was in chaos, and the victory was won.

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