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Am I wrong about the "ego"?

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by Isee1111
Your are told to let it go not because you will loose what you are, but you will attain a higher level, encompassing that ego and much, much more of what you are. You won't be losing anything, but gaining so much that it is pointless to cling onto something that is holding back true enlightenment.

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Enlightenment is waking up, part of that waking up involves navigating through the maze of this type of yoga. To view enlightenment as a progress of upwards movement and levels, can cost you many years in hamster wheel spirituality. I venture to say, that enlightenment, has nothing to do with attainment, states of mind or levels.

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by Visitor2012

What is enlightenment but a state that which is "above" or "more" than another more ignorant state?

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by Isee1111
reply to post by Visitor2012

What is enlightenment but a state that which is "above" or "more" than another more ignorant state?

All states (high or lower) are within the mind, they are Maya. Enlightenment transcends the illusion of Maya. Enlightenment isn't really about attaining knowledge or even reaching higher levels of experience. It is actually a spectacularly, simplified yet clever process of "knowing" less and less. Not by becoming dumb, but through realizing the everlasting truth. And this truth is not a state of mind. It is beyond the mind. Beyond its ability to comprehend.
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posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by MrUncreated

You're a soulless, mindless entity that merely exists. You have no free will. You don't even feel one way or another about this or that, anymore.

When you were a child, the ego did not exist as a fully formed function. You were aware, curious, in awe, wonder struck.

The ego is inherently a neutral tool to be used for discernment, red/green light, eat, expel, sleep, etc. However, it is just another sense like ears for hearing, eyes for seeing, ego for discernment.

The problem is, there is a negative side to the ego. The divisions, separatist thinking, me vs. You. Its the causer of wars, pillaging, greed, corruption, rape, ignorance, violence, etc....

The ego hijacks true identity. And since you are aware of the ego, then it can't be the you, that is aware of it.

There is a deep profound you that operates, or can operate, from a transcendent level of being, from a prime and optimal mode of existence.

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 01:39 AM
Every time someone starts going into the "lose the ego" talk I have to listen carefully and often ask questions, to find out what they are considering the ego.

Some people are pointing at their emotional reactions- those are the source of sin and misguidance!
Some are pointing at their intellect and it's reasoning- that is the source of sin and misguidance!
Some point at the self consciousness- the awareness of self as individual...
Some at social consciousness- the awareness of oneness which makes us project and reflect and lose all boundry and control of emotion....

It seems to be the word for whatever one is currently battling with and trying to disengage from!

In the OP, when you refer to the gurus that prone that, my thinking is usually that when another stand as a "guide" or guru and commands that, it is with the intent to make you project your power unto them.

Our psychology will continually create a super-ego, or conscience, or idea of "leader" in mind (because that is how we direct our momentum), and if you are able to eliminate yours, then it leave a vaccum, in which another person can step in and model yours for you. So that you begin to hear their voice in your head even when they aren't present. So that you obey their prinicples and ideas always. So that your self discipline is put at their service.

So I tend to say, be wary of any guide who insists you lose your ego! Make sure it is really someone who represents your ideals and intents.......because they will be your next ego.....

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by MrUncreated

Hi there MrUncreated!

I was very sorry to read you feeling so confused yesterday - but than I saw your signature and thought to myself:
"Well may be this thread-killer-thing is for real and it's nothing more than a "faked" suicide attempt. Attention and appreciation seeking and needing. An attempt to "kill-your-own-thread..." just for the fun of it."

I clicked on more genuine stuff (yes there is... here on ATS!) and was gone.

Now I'm back.
In the first place because I have nothing better to do right now and I'm bored with watching movies and stuff - so what?
But in the second place some years - let's say 10 or so - ago, people in my flock took me for a "guru" or something like that.

If you are interested you can read something about my background in the OP of my intro-thread. I will in this context only delve into that so far as it is fruitful in this place.

If you talk about "ego" you must know that the spiritual definition and psychological def. differ somewhat.

You are right in so far that some "gurus" say that you should better get rid of that thing because it is not REALLY a real part of yourself.
It is a FAKE (identity).
It sprang from delusion and fear.
It is made up of ILLUSIONS and it controls your actions in it's own vested interests. It manipulates you to get worse all the time of your life - but making you believe that it's for your best.
(Drug abuse would in that case be a good example or becoming a criminal.)
It has no conscience and no love.
His limited capabilities are of negative outcome for YOU.

The psychological definition would attest that without an "ego" you would instantly go insane.

So you are mixing up these 2 mind sets in your OP.

Your next question is about the nature of "duality" and you give some examples of that which are every one good in itself but not naturally refer to the SAME understanding of duality.
Every example you gave consists of a whole WORLD of cosmology and is a SYMBOL
that only refers to the world which it stands for and could only be understood in his own playground.

To understand really the meaning of Black and white for example you would have to know about the nature of light and all what is connected with it.

By this example you see that to understand the nature of duality always a 3rd something is needed. Maybe because of that you don't see what duality (could) mean(s) for you.

Let me give you another example.
Have a look at my avatar.

It is made of the seal of the "Knights Templar".
It is "accused" of many different "meanings" - but the correct one needs still to be "discovered".
This is one cause I chose to make that "motto" - which is in itself right...
but a "falsification" and it hints at an "absolute" that the Knights of the Temple couldn't really had described better.
Their own motto on this seal is nothing more than a distraction.

So a duality is more than those 2 things you may see at first.

I took the liberty to answer your next question about separation right there with the duality part.

No "guru" in his right mind will tell you to stop being yourself.

The Self can be regarded as a good friend. But you have to get to know his quirks and maybe educate him a little on your real needs so that he can help you out in the time of need.
Thats what friends are for.



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